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Best Condenser Mic Under 100

Let’s get this straight. Establishing a new home recording studio is exciting and can be stressful altogether. Particularly if you are new to the world of studio recording and unaware of recording gears.Take the condenser microphone, for instance. It is undoubtedly compelling equipment in any home recording studio. Because of its sophisticated design, sensitivity, and […]

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Best Volume Pedals

In this modern era, Guitar effect pedals have changed a lot with modern music and guitar. Most of the guitarists start to use volume pedal when they become aware of subtle changes to the signal chain.Interested in using volume pedal but you have little knowledge about it? Don’t be worried. You are in the right […]

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Best Classical Guitar Strings

The strings of a guitar play a considerable role in the overall performance of the guitar. Without the strings, there is no guitar. The sound quality emanates from the strings. It is the true meaning of the words little things do matter. If the strings are of good quality, then definitely the guitar will be at […]

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