Benefits of Music Therapy for Dogs

Over the years, we have been intrigued by the impact of music on people’s emotional and mental states. We came to realize that even the four-legged animals, especially the dogs, also respond to the healing effect of music.

Dogs and music can be a positive, therapeutic mix. Music can mask frightening sounds like thunder and fireworks or annoying sounds like trespassing that put your dog’s tail in a twist.

Most dog lovers do not know the music can be beneficial for their dog. Here, we are going to discuss the benefits of music therapy for dogs.

Benefits of Music Therapy for Dogs

In 2012, psychoacoustic research was conducted by Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher, and Simon. They carried this study on shelter dogs, where they used sound in reducing respiration, heart rate, and also improve some behavioral issues like barking non-stop.

The main benefit of music therapy is sometimes dogs are often stunned by the sound of a storm to meet strangers, and some have affected by bad behavior. So it can be cared for by music therapy.

Music has been tested, and dogs have better benefits. Music can be getting them to sleep better and feeding fewer drugs.

Below, some benefits of music therapy for dogs are described. Read it, and it will help to know about the benefits.


Dogs can stay calm when slow music is playing. The calming effect can decrease the emotional trauma that dogs feel when they are separated from their owners.

Makes Them Comfortable

Before heading to a veterinary clinic, music played in the car can be the soothing balm that will make them comfortable in the clinic.

Heart Rate

The pet’s heart rate decreases, especially in anxious and unstable pets, while the rate of breathing decreases evenly.

Facilitates Healing

Convalescing dogs recover faster when music durable for them. After surgery, playing music would help the dog relax to ensure that healing begins.

Improves Mood

The mood of your pet can be enhanced when the endorphin level is increased. It can be done with the support of music.

Increasing Immunity

Music can boost the immunity of a pet. It is common knowledge that pets who are under stress tend to be sick. Music soothes them and makes them relax. When they are relaxed, the body immunity is also improved.

Reduces Aggressiveness

Music is known to reduce stress-related hormones. The easiest way for you to calm and control a badly behaved dog is to play slow music.

Essential to know

While music therapy is excellent for dogs, there are still things you should know as a dog owner. You shouldn’t forget that dogs with strong jaws may not be aggressive when it comes to chewing.

These dogs are already powerful and can tear off anything. Getting beds or beddings destroyed by your pets can be frustrating. Sometimes, it can have a toll on your finances if it is always happening.

Chew proof dog bed

One of the ways to take care of pets who are always wasting bed is the chew proof dog bed. These types of beds for your pet will save you money. It also protects your pet from the danger your dog may suffer from swallowing.

Orthopedic dog beds

When a dog is taken care of by music, sleeping becomes more accessible and fun. However, this doesn’t mean that some of them would not chew their beds. However, for older dogs, you may need to do something different by providing them with a bed that will ease their aches or pains.

An orthopedic dog bed has become one of the things dog owners get for keeping their dogs healthy and fit.

Final Verdict

Finally, you don’t need to play music continuously for a pet. Three to four minutes is enough to help your dog. Also, fast pace or heavy music can only make your pet aggressive or restless.

If you want calmness, play calm or slow music to your pet. There are numerous places you can get this type of music for your pet. There is music on the market that is made for your pet, and classical music can work if you can’t get your hands on them.

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