Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar Review with Guide

The 12-string guitars are really cool because they add a lot more dimension to your sound than a regular 6-string guitar. These beautiful instruments help to solo performers and rhythm players to complete the sound precisely.

The features of these guitars are that its neck is broader than on a regular guitar. But if you can tame the 12-string guitar, there is nothing quite fulfilling its rich and jangly tone. You can fret two strings at the same time.

Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar - Comparison

Best top five 12-String Acoustic Guitars Reviews

Many people face difficulty when they want to buy a 12-String acoustic guitar. Finding the best 12-string acoustic guitar is not an easy task. Most 12-string guitars tend to feel kind of clunky. But you do not worry about it.

In this article, we are going to give a review of the top 5 12-string acoustic guitars.

1. Oscar Schmidt OD312CEB 12-Strings Acoustic-Electric Guitar

​The Oscar Schmidt is a top-notch guitar all through and highly recommended. The features of this guitar is that a beautiful mahogany body on both its back and sides and a select spruce top.

This guitar utilizes a set of electronics developed by Oscar Schmidt acoustic-electrics. It used an active MET-A07 preamp that has an onboard digital tuner for easy tuning.

​It produces a warm and fuzzy sound. This guitar offers a quality vibe and easily competes against the Epiphone model just with a slight difference-stronger bass.


  • ​It features a handcrafted quality
  • ​It also features a mahogany body and full-scale fretboard
  • ​It has an active MET –A07 preamp with a digital tuner
  • ​It has a fully adjustable truss rod


  • ​It does not have a pickguard
  • ​It does not come with a case

2. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

The Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar is a great sounding beginner guitar at an affordable price. The body features a spruce top, a Sapele back and sides, a 21 fret mahogany neck, fretboard

It also has a darkly stained rosewood bridge, and a covered chrome tuning machine to finish off this solid acoustic guitar.

​The neck is slim and made from mahogany. This guitar is loud, stays in tune, and has a rich and bright tone. This guitar is a winner in this price range and has set a high bar for an entry-level twelve-string instrument.


  • ​It comes with a big nex body
  • ​It has a rosewood fretboard
  • ​It comes with a laminated spruce top
  • ​It also features a nato back and sides
  • ​It features a 21-fret mahogany neck
  • ​It is covered chrome tuning machines


  • ​It does not come with a case
  • ​The fingerboard is a bit slow for the faster first playing

3. Yamaha FG820 12-String Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG820 12-string is the perfect starting point for those searching for a mid-level 12-string guitar.

It is perfect for home and professional use. It features a solid spruce top that is accompanied by mahogany back and sided. Its nato neck ensures comfortable playing, and it provides plenty of volume due to its classic dreadnought shape.

This guitar will slowly become one of your favorites quickly due to the newly developed scalloped body bracing. It offers an enhanced acoustic response, which means it stands up to guitars higher up on the budget scale.


  • ​It features a solid Sitka spruce top
  • ​It has mahogany back and sides
  • ​It features a rosewood fingerboard
  • ​It also has a die-cast tuners
  • ​It has an adjustable truss rod


  • ​It does not come with a case
  • ​Left-handed people only use this guitar

4. Epiphone DR-212 Dreadnought 12-string

The Epiphone DR-212 Dreadnought 12-string is a right 12-string acoustic guitar made to deliver a full, dark, and beautiful sound.

This guitar features a select spruce top, a mixed and excellent tonewood that starts to breathe and improve the more you play. It also features a solid mahogany body plus a rosewood bridge that is suitably sized.

​It comes with a classic black vintage pickguard that is easy to see on stage or across the room. Select Spruce top featuring scalloped bracing and binding on the body and neck.

The mahogany neck of these guitars glued at the 14th Fret, and it has a 25.5-inch scale. It has a smooth rosewood fingerboard that has a dot inlay and a slim taper profile.


  • ​It comes with a glossy finishing
  • ​Excellent tune quality
  • ​It sounds fantastic


  • ​It requires frequent tuning

5. ​Takamine GJ72CE 12-String Acoustic Guitar

​Takamine GJ72CE 12-string guitar has come with both acoustic and electric, and its perfect for plug-in and amply your favorite songs.

 The features of this guitar are it comes with high-quality sound and solid maple construction.

​This guitar is a jumbo acoustic, with a 25.4” scale length and a hefty body. It provides a solid spruce soundboard that gives a bright, snappy tone with a pretty balanced mix of bass, mid and treble.

This guitar comes with a Takamine TK040D preamp system, known for premium quality sound. It also has an inbuilt tuner, which facilitates a 12-inch taunt.


  • ​Elegant natural gloss finish
  • ​Slim maple neck
  • ​Great for live performance
  • ​Excellent tone quality
  • ​Wide range of electronic options


  • ​Quite big compare to other 12-string guitars
  • ​Only suited to electric guitar players

How To Choose The Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar

A 12-string guitar has more strings that are close together and complicated. Therefore consider these ideas to choose the best one for yourself.

Price Range

When you are thinking of buying a 12-string acoustic guitar, the first and foremost work is to test out the guitars when you go to the store. You need to do one thing. First, determine your price range and fixed your budget. Then select the guitar which one is from your price range.

If you are able to buy expensive, then go for it. A few strums can often tell you a lot about the guitar you are about to purchase. Make sure that you choose the best sounding 12-string guitar.

Check the Strings

Before purchasing the guitar, check the strings carefully. Strings have a lot of say in the sound. Some strings are better on some models than others.

Lighter ones sometimes do not complement an instrument, making it look sharp and hoppy. Therefore, the cords need to compliment the guitar.

Check for Buzz

You can buy a 12-string acoustic guitar that you think is good for the price. After you came home, you notice that the guitar occurs fret buzz. So it is advisable to check the buzz before purchase.

Check the Action

Check if the open chords sound great, check how the chords are played on the neck, and the power cord. If the response of the instrument is too high, move on. You need to make sure that your guitar is properly set up and playable from the beginning.

Final Words

A 12- string guitar produces big beautiful sounds and is excellent for performers and rhythm players. However, it also requires proper practice.

There are many different types of 12- string guitars that can be confusing to a new buyer. However, the five guitars listed above are guaranteed to give you the best playing experience, and come with extra equipment such as strings, carry case and others.

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