Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 1000

Sub 1000-dollar acoustic electric guitars occupy a sweet spot where quality tops, and the price is competitive.

These guitars are ideal for professional players because they are almost the same in sound quality as their high-end counterparts, except for some minor differences in aesthetics, the area of manufacture, and usage of substitute readily available wood.

Spending 1000 dollars on a guitar is a serious affair, so before you order, consider these five acoustic electric guitars that we trust are more than worth their price tag.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 1000 - Comparison

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For The Money

Like I just mentioned, there are several Acoustic Electric Guitar that will offer an amazing using experience. The Guitar I have listed below offer superior performance, top notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and abilities.

The Epiphone PR-4E A is the perfect guitar for beginners. It comes paired with a studio-10 acoustic AMP to give you clear, and loud sound.

Also, it features a balanced line input used for adding a microphone and chorus.

It arrives at your door with a gig bag, strap, and a cord, picks, instructional DVD and a tuner. Everything you require to get you playing out live.

The Epiphone PR-4E consists of a mahogany body, select spruce top, chrome hardware and mahogany neck with the rosewood fingerboard.

It also sports a passive piezo pickup that has a volume control. This guitar is built in the cutaway style to ensure better access to the frets.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It has a studio ten acoustic amp that controls the gain, volume, mid, treble, boost switch and bass.
  • It has a balanced line input for adding a microphone and chorus.
  • It arrives with a gig bag, strap, cord, picks, instructional DVD and a tuner.
  • It also has a passive piezo pickup that has volume control.

The fender cd-60 is an excellent beginner and seasoned player guitar. It features a lovely laminated mahogany wood finish that runs from the headstock to its body, with a mother of pearl inlay that is around the sound hole.​​​Fender has a robust and sturdy construction that is durable ensuring you enjoy playing this guitar for a long time.

Upon arrival at your door, it will include a reserve bridge saddle, truss wrench, string peg and two keys for the case. A great package at an affordable price.

It recently got upgraded to a new black pickguard, new compensated bridge design, mother of pearl acrylic rosette design, and a smaller dot fingerboard inlays. Other features of the guitar include a scalloped X bracing, 20 fret fingerboard, black body binding, a dual action truss rod Fishman electronics and a die-cast tuner.

For customers in North America, it comes with a hard shell case that protects the guitar from falls, scratches that may occur when you travel to concerts.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The exterior looks a bit cheap.
  • The hard shell case is only available in North America.
  • The inbuilt tuner is not the best for professional guitar players.

This guitar is designed to be the one you want to own. The appearance of the Yamaha A series defines the word elegant, straightforward and powerful.

It features a real wood binding, a new headstock, and an original wood inlay.

The A Series design features an open, rich lows, thick, clear, and detailed midrange to give your music room an unmistakable, timeless character of the sound.

The A series features the Yamaha trademark ultra-thin finish with a hand selected tonewoods that combine with an artisan designed construction, which creates a guitar with excellent resonance and personality. This guitar does not just have tone it also has a life.

It offers the player a natural feel for a perfectly finished wood. It features a semi-open pore finish allowing the player to experience the natural surface of the wood and at the same time offering a smooth and fast finish.

The Yamaha A Series neck is refined, shaped and checked by extremely experienced artisans. This neck feels like you have owned this great guitar for years.

The A series exclusive SRT pickup design makes use of single elements for each string to offer you ultra and full bandwidth signal with a better tonal accuracy and better dynamic response than a regular, ribbon piezo pickup.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It is concert size with a cutaway body.
  • It has a Sitka spruce top.
  • It features a rosewood back and sides.
  • It has a mahogany neck for added beauty and strength.
  • It also comes with a free hard shell case.

The CD-60CE is dressed in a beautiful red burst finish and features a Classic Dreadnought Cutaway design.

Its premium features include a gorgeous spruce top with a scalloped X bracing.

The guitar also features a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard that has small white dot inlays for easy access by the fingers.

It also has a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle, a Fishman Isys III pickup system that has an onboard preamp, a tuner that is ready to play right away, volume and tone controls. It features a white bridge3 and end pins that have black dots for added beauty.

The guitar comes with an impressive case. It has an excellent hardware and lock, and its interior is plush and sturdy. This guitar is guaranteed to feel good in your arms, and the scalloped bracing is sure to give you a sturdy feel and a solid sound.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It comes with a laminated spruce top.
  • It features a classic dreadnought design.
  • It finished with a Polyurethane gloss with a limited red burst finish.
  • It comes with a hard case

This beautiful guitar features a flame top with basswood back and sides. It also features an exceptionally designed catalpa neck and bridge build with rosewood fingerboard.

The Glen Burton is a perfect guitar for beginners and expert, developed by Glen Burton. 

It also features an acoustic electric cutaway that is natural also designed by Glen Burton.

It comes with steel strings for durability and great sound; also, it has sealed gear tuners for exceptional sound quality.

The full package arrives at your door with strings, gig bag, picks, strap truss rod, digital clip-on tuner and a ten-watt amplifier.

Above all, it is inexpensive.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It features a flame top made of basswood back and sides.
  • It also has a catalpa neck and bridge.
  • It comes with steel string and sealed gear tuners
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It comes with a gig bag, strings, picks, digital clip-on tuner, strap, and a ten-watt amplifier.

How To Choose The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 1000

Choosing an acoustic electric guitar can sometimes be difficult because there is an extensive selection. Therefore asking questions about the manufacturer, construction style, and guitar type will assist you to narrow down the choices to a guitar that will suit your specific needs.

Standard And Classical Guitars

The Classical guitar uses nylon strings that are more flexible and easier on a player's fingers, and they are meant to be plucked and not strummed. Classical guitars play classical and flamenco style beautifully. While standard acoustic electric guitars are supposed to be plucked and used by the player in blues, country, folk, and rock bands.

Number Of Strings

Acoustic electric guitars come in six and twelve string varieties. Twelve-string guitars are advanced and are meant for particular playing styles if you are a beginner stick to six string guitars.

Brands And Manufacturers

There exists a variety of guitar brands for players of all skill levels. Try to investigate each guitar you are interested in for construction styles. There is handcrafted guitars and mass produced guitar in factories these pay little attention to the finer details of the guitar.

Type Of Top

The top is the outward facing panel of the guitar that has the sound hole. An acoustic electric guitar tone develops primarily on its top. Acoustic electric guitars have two types of tops solid top and laminate top guitars:

The solid top consists of two matched pieces of high quality, solid wood, glued together side by side. These guitars offer rich sound and have sturdy construction and expensive.

Laminate top has several layers of wood stacked and glued together and do not vibrate like solid top guitars and therefore do not produce a full sound. Beginners prefer them because they are cheap.

Guitar Size

The size of the guitar has an impact on its sound and playability. Guitars with large bodies produce fuller, louder tone. Small body guitars have a pickup intended for amplification by a speaker system.

Guitar Style

There are two styles of acoustic electric guitars: archtop and flattop.

Archtop guitars have curved tops and hollow bodies that create sounds perfect for jazz and country music.

Flat top guitars have shapes similar to classical guitars. They are ideal for playing folk, blues, and rock music.

Final Words

Under 1000 dollar acoustic electric guitar occupies a spot where quality is the top priority. These five guitars target professional players as well as beginners with a passion for music. They have better sound quality and are built with high-quality materials.

Spending 1000 dollars on a guitar is a serious affair, so before you order, consider these five acoustic electric guitars that we trust are more than worth their price tag.

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