Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners 2020 Ultimate Review

I had a passion for playing guitar right when I was five years old. The major problem I had was that I doubted my ability to play guitar. I thought that I should have previous experience playing the guitar or learn the music full time. I kept my passion high and brought my first acoustic guitar when I was 19 years old.

If you have an interest in playing guitar, I am here to encourage you. Your hand is neither too small nor too big, and you are not too old or young to play the guitar. You just need to get the best acoustic guitar, and you will not believe how easy it is to play the guitar.

There are so many misconceptions about buying an acoustic guitar for beginners. How do you even pick the right one with the multitude of guitars that are available on the market?

You are about to buy an acoustic guitar, but do not know which one is the right guitar for you. In this article, I am going to provide you with every detail that you need to know about acoustic guitars for beginners.

Here you also get the overview of the top-rated models so that you can pick the best acoustic guitar.

Recommended Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Top 10 Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Now that you want to buy your first acoustic guitar but don't buy without reviewing the best guitars on the market right now. Here are our top ten acoustic guitars for beginners.

​1. Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

This type of guitar is a top acoustic guitar for beginner players that come with everything that you need to get started.

It includes the guitar, book, audio CD and a gig bag. The guitar is easy to play and designed with spruce to provide you with a rich sound. Beginners will find it very easy when learning this guitar. It features all the items that you require in one package.

The gig bag is designed with straps that make it very easy to carry. You will easily enjoy a digital tuner with a digital readout that provides tuning. The body and neck of the guitar are also designed to make it easy for beginners to use the guitar.

The main features of this guitar are that it provides a spruce top and linden back and sides with six strings that are made of steel. It also features a hex key for tightening the neck with the three picks.

The rest of the body of the guitar featured a dreadnought style and made from top quality laminated wood. This thing assures you of a durable and long-lasting guitar that you can use for many years. The texture of the guitar's body is also smooth to provide you with comfort.


  • ​Comes with everything that a beginner needs
  • ​It comes at an affordable price
  • ​The guitar is stylish and strong
  • ​Easy to play
  • ​The guitar is durable


  • ​Only available in one size that limits usage

2. 38" Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

This black acoustic guitar is a new rated acoustic guitar for beginners. It comes with an ultimate starter kit that includes a guitar pick, shoulder strap, extra set of replacement strings, and a pitch pipe.

The right-handed guitar has all the accessories that a beginner requires to get started. It features a solid wood topped with smooth curves that promote comfort when you are using the guitar.

The solid woods are designed to produce a smooth and rich sound. For this purpose, it is excellent for rock players, country, folk, and any genre. It has low action strings that reduce fatigue in your hands. The guitar also comes with additional strings that you can use for replacement.

It also has smooth tuning pegs that are important to the quality of the guitar. These pegs are soft and very easy to adjust so that your guitar will always be to the right tune all the time.

It comes with a nylon carry bag with zip closures so that you can travel with this guitar easily.


  • ​Classical guitar body
  • ​User-friendly fretboard
  • ​The smooth finish promotes comfort
  • ​High-quality sound
  • ​Has a kit that includes all the times that you need
  • ​It comes with a gig bag


  • ​Complaints on quality issues

3. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 is a good looking dreadnought guitar with incredible sound and packed with the best features that cover its value.

The jasmine acoustic guitar specially designed for entry-level players. The guitar comes at an affordable price hence perfect for beginners who do not want to spend much money acquiring a guitar.

​It features a slim neck and a full-scale length of 25 ½ inch scale that provide you with a comfortable feel and the best playability. The guitar also has a smooth satin finish that gives an optimal resonance and excellent sound quality.

Other top qualities that make the guitar ideal for beginners include the rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome tuners, and the full-body binding.


  • ​Easy to play
  • ​Excellent sound quality
  • ​Saint finishing
  • ​It has quality body construction
  • ​It has a spruce top and rosewood fretboard


  • ​The guitar requires constant tuning

4. Zeny 38" New Beginners Acoustic Guitar

There are so many options when it comes to acoustic guitars, and Zeny 38" is one of the best guitars best suited for beginners.

Once you purchase this guitar, you get the opportunity to enjoy the starter that includes a guitar pick, shoulder strap, pitch pipe, and a set of replacement strings. The main benefit is that no assembly is required.

The guitar also comes with a convenient nylon carrying case that gives you an easy time when you need to store the guitar or transport it.

The main benefit of this guitar is it comes with a set of replacement strings. In that case, you do not need to buy new strings when you need to replace the old guitar strings. For durability and quality sound, this guitar designed with full wood construction.


  • ​It doesn't require any assembly
  • ​Designed with a quality full body construction
  • ​Has nylon carrying case for portability and storage
  • ​Comes with steel string and also replacement strings
  • ​It has a glossy and smooth finish


  • ​The guitar is not designed for left-hand users

5. Crescent 38" Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

If you want a great crafted guitar that helps you train efficiently, you can give crescent 38" coffee beginner acoustic guitar a trail.

This guitar has linden binding and wood construction with geared tuning. It is designed with steel strings and has a wood frame for durability. It is probably the most versatile guitar among the steel-string acoustic guitar.

It is best for beginners because it comes with an extra set of steel strings, pick, tuner, gig bag, and strap. It's perfect for backing a singer, and its stylistic palette encompasses everything from the new era and country blues, jazz fusion, and unplugged rock.


  • ​Ideal for beginning students
  • ​Designed with quality steel strings
  • ​Amazing sound quality
  • ​Full wood construction
  • ​Wood Construction with Geared Tuning


  • ​Wooden frame is not precisely durable

6. Best Choice Products Beginners Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is designed with all wood construction to provide you with durability. It has steel strings and a glossy smooth finish that makes it attractive.

 The package comes with essential items that any guitarist requires. It includes a guitar pick, shoulder strap, pitch pipe, and an extra set of strings for replacement.

If you also need to store or carry the guitar, it comes with a nylon carrying case.

When playing the guitar, the low action strings reduce hand fatigue and make it easy for the fingers. The tuning pegs designed with a good set of tuning pegs that provide a smooth tone. The benefit that makes it easy to adjust the guitar and keep it in tune.


  • ​The guitar has a solid wood topped
  • ​Includes a gig bag
  • ​Perfect for right-handed beginners
  • ​No assembly is required
  • ​Produce high-quality sound
  • ​The price is reasonable


  • ​Not ideal for left-hand users

7. Main Street Guitars MAS38TR Acoustic Cutaway Guitar

The acoustic guitar is designed with a cutaway body with a transparent red finish. It also has a linden top, sides and back, catalpa neck and maple bridge and fingerboard.

All these make it very attractive and friendly to use.

The price of the guitar is worth it, and it provides quality and value for your money. If you want to add your music collection with an outstanding acoustic guitar, this model will best suit you.

It provides you with the sound that you need and comfortable play-ability. The features that it has comes with chrome tuner and brass fret.


  • ​Great for beginners
  • ​Maple fingerboard
  • ​Durable body construction
  • ​Easy playability
  • ​High-gloss transparent red finish


  • ​It does not have any cons

8. Pyle-Pro PGAKT30 30'' Inch Beginner Jamer

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with an acoustic guitar. After you master the basics of playing the guitar, you can move on to a more advanced electric guitar.

There are plenty of acoustic guitars that are designed for beginners. One guitar that will not disappoint you is the Pyle-Pro PGAKT30 30 "inch Beginner Jamer.

It is designed with top quality materials like linden plywood for the top, sides, and back. It also features a nanmu design neck and a long-lasting Maplewood for the bridge and fingerboard. The finishing is excellent and smooth to touch.

Finding the right note with this musical instrument is easy. There are also other accessories that you will get when you buy this guitar, such as guitar strap, tuner, picks, and a carrying case.


  • ​The guitar features a durable construction
  • ​Has a detachable shoulder strap
  • ​Great to give as a gift
  • ​Comes with a carrying case
  • ​It is a perfect size that fits all


  • ​It may not last too long

9. Music Alley MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar

Does your child love to play the guitar? You can help them learn basic guitar skills by buying them the Music Alley MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar.

It is a 34-inch classical guitar that is designed with nylon strings. It has a lightweight body that makes it easy to hold when they are playing. The guitar is ideal for kids from 5-8 years.

This guitar is a perfect solution to help your child improve their playing skills. The main features of this guitar come with sensible contours that make it an ideal musical instrument for young musicians.


  • ​Pocket-friendly price
  • ​The guitar is lightweight, so it is easy to use
  • ​Features quality nylon strings
  • ​Perfect for small hand guitarist


  • ​Strings are not up to the mark

10. Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Rogue Acoustic Guitar has been around for almost two decades. This guitar feature comes with 6-stringed, right-handed, dreadnought design with a whitewood body.

The material on the fretboard is made of rosewood. The notes of this guitar can slightly twist to give it a little more precision. It has a dreadnought body, painted maple 20-fret fretboard that joins the body at the 14th fret, and a black pickguard with a glossy finish.

It is the perfect guitar for beginners. It’s more than affordable and can take the abuse inevitable with travel. The main features of this guitar are laminate mahogany body and top finished off by a natural gloss to keep it in peak condition for years.


  • ​It is durable
  • ​User-friendly
  • ​Slightly Curved Fretboard
  • ​Great Tone
  • ​Glossy finish so it looks great


  • ​It requires constant tuning

How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

How do you know which is the best acoustic guitar for you as a beginner? Even after reading the reviews of the top-rated acoustic guitars for starters, you still need to know some of the things that make up a quality acoustic guitar.

Here we are going to give you some tips. It will help you pick the most recommendable guitar to suit your needs.

Purpose And Budget

Before you think of the brand names and the body types of guitars, you need to consider the purpose and budget.

If you are buying your first guitar to learn, you do not need to spend a lot of money on high-end acoustic guitars. There are so many options for low and mid-ranged guitars that you can buy.

Sound And Style

Most of the acoustic guitars on the market feature a similar construction and design elements. However, certain things affect the playability and sound of the guitar.

It is essential to take note of some of the variables that affect how you feel and play the guitar. These variables include the following:

  • Tops
  • Body style
  • Tonewood
  • Neck width and length
  • Steel vs. nylon strings

Comfort And Resonance

Acoustic guitars are available in different types. You want to buy the best guitar that offers the sound you need without compromising on comfort. The guitar should be very comfortable to play, whether you are standing or sitting.

You should also consider the size of the soundboard. If the size is large, then the sound will be deeper and louder. You can also get some guitars with a large soundboard and a narrow waist to provide comfort.

Guitar Size

If you purchase a guitar that is too large, your child will find it difficult to play. If the arms are as high as the shoulders to reach the guitar, it can become very uncomfortable, and they might not enjoy playing guitar. Always pick the right size for your child.

Neck Width And Length

The width and length of acoustic guitars also vary based on the body size of the guitar. It doesn't affect the sound but affects your comfort when you are playing. Acoustic guitars feature necks listed as 12 or 14 fret necks. It refers to the total number of frets that are above the body.

Final Words

Many beginners fail to purchase an acoustic guitar. Most people are pleased with the shiny look of the guitar and hardly take into account the performance of the guitar. After some time, they realize that they have the worst guitar that doesn't work as expected.

Two general rules always give to aspiring guitarists. The first rule is that we do not settle for cheap, low-quality guitars because they will end up disappointing you. Another thing is that you should have your guitar professionally set up at least once in a year so that you can get the best from it.

If you have purchased your first acoustic guitar, I believe you will do it right. As stated above, I have provided you with a top-rated acoustic guitar as well as a handy buying guide to help you pick the best one. These guitars will be a great purchase, and I highly recommend them for any beginner.

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