Top 5 Best Beginner Bass Guitars 2019

Playing guitar is always fun. The world of guitars is such a big and fascinating one. Specifically, the bass guitar which is my primary focus on this guide. Bass guitars generate different sound compared to other types of guitar. The best always offer first-class quality with a breathtaking experience.

Bass guitars come in different types and styles. The most popular and widespread is the four-string variety. Information is power; therefore, this guide seeks to equip the guitarist with analyzed data about the best bass guitars.

First and foremost, the buyer should aim to strike a balance between quality and economy. Some other factors are also essential to choose the best quality bass guitar. Look for something pocket-friendly but still of high-quality standards. This article will help to understand which guitar is most suitable for you before you dive in the pool of music.

Top 5 Best Beginner Bass Guitar

Best Beginner Bass Guitars Reviews

Like I just mentioned, there are several Bass guitar that will offer a fantastic user experience. The bass guitar I have listed below provide superior performance. They have top-notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and abilities.

Classic in design and yet affordable in value is the signature of this guitar. Both beginners and professionals praise it because of its unique features.

The guitar has a measurement of 46 inches.  The body is made of pure quality materials such as basswood body, maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard. All these components are durable and comes with an outstanding finishing.

The Stedman pro beginneris bass guitar boasts of an iconic design which is famous worldwide. The much talked about design is dual- cutaway, which contains both a neck and bridge pickup with a tone knob.

Its performance is stunning, and you will love to tune it. The modern technology has given more quality and efficiency. For beginners, this guitar is perfect because it is easy to play the guitar.

The best part of this product is that it comes with the whole package when bought. The kit consists of the bass guitar, 15-watt amp with two outputs and one input, gig bag, extra cable string, and strap polishing cloth.

Moreover, you may find the guitars in different colors.The guitar also ensures sound quality.It comes withdeep purple, red, etc. It is an ideal type of guitar for beginners with such a stylish design and features.

The Stedman pro bass guitar is available widely in the market at quite an affordable price.


  • Improved sound quality
  • Durable courtesy of the material
  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to use since it's for beginners


  • It is subject to many faults since it is electric

2. Full-Size Electric Bass Guitar Starter Beginner Pack

This guitar is more powerful and stylish regarding design. The fantastic thing about this is the price is lower than most beginner guitars. However, it is cheap does not mean that the quality of this guitar is low.

The full-size electric bass guitar is fully committed to quality, performance, and value. These are the pillars that keep the guitar at the peak of the guitar world.

Since it is an electric guitar, the guitar comes with a package of 30-watt amp, gig bag case, guitar cable, and guitar strap. The full-size electric bass guitar features a solid wood body with a beautiful high gloss finish, a maple neck, and die-cast tuners.

The body of the guitar make ensures the guitarist to get a good feel of the guitar. The die-cast tuners help the guitarist who is a beginner in tuning. High playability of this guitar makes things much easier for the user.

The guitar is also available in various colors since everyone is different. Some of the colors available are black, vintage sunburst, blue. Its full size is 45 inches. The sleek, customized design makes it easier for any person of any age or size to play it with much ease.


  • Compatible with all leading major computer bass software
  • The body is made sleek and stylish for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Sound quality is not that up to task

3. Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar

Ibanez is one of the most renown brands who make high-quality guitar. It offers some premium quality bass guitar. The guitar has four-string, which are easy to play.

The guitar manufacturer also think about the taste of different buyers. Ibanez offers various color options like Black, Starlight Blue, Brown Sunburst, Pearl White, Transparent Red, Metalic Purple, Walnut Flat, etc. Moreover, it has a standard size of 28.6 inches.

The guitar is suitable for beginners, and it is durable. All the four Steel strings are ultra-durable and create sweet sound.

The compact design of the guitar makes it instinct from other guitars in the same range. The dynamic pick up offers excellent flexibility when you are playing the guitar. The guitar is light-weighted and easy to carry. The body of the guitar is made of premium quality woods. It has a slim and attractive maple neck. The fretboards are easy to access.

Though this guitar is small in size, it is a monster to create excellent tones. Compared to other types of beginner bass guitar, it is cheap and cost-effective. It can be considered as a budget bass guitar for beginners.


  • The marple body material is hard to ensure durability.
  • Compatible with any amplifier.
  • Super slim to ensure a good grip and ease transportation
  • Blue high gloss finish


  • Design focuses only on sound production and not other aspects

4. Full-SizeBlack Electric Guitar With AMP

This guitar includes everything a guitarist will need to start jamming some great music. It is one of the Davison Guitars for beginners.

Despite the package of this guitar being big, the cost of the guitar is less than other guitars in the same category.The kit consists of an amp with an overdrive button, a gig case, guitar strap, cable, and a pitch pipe. The guitar can be plugged into the amp. It is made from a solid wood body.

This full 39-inch guitar features a maple fretboard and a maple neck. It also features humbucker pickup for ultimate in clean or rock sound. The setting of a chrome bridge helps in tuning and increases the playability.

The full size black electric guitar is also available in various colors such as blue, red. The guitar's dimensions are 46 x 18.4 x5.9 inches, with a weight of 17.5 pounds. An added advantage is that both adults and kids can use the guitar. The price of the guitar is also affordable.


  • Contoured body makes it easy to handle by either adults or kids
  • Strong body material which makes it durable
  • Easy to operate and transport
  • Produces top quality sound


  • Susceptible to failure due to its heavy reliance on power

5. Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar

This guitar is designed for class, great playing, and uniqueness. The guitar is lightweight, with dimensions of 50 x 18 x 6 inches with a mere weight of 9.3 pounds. One of the best beginner guitars from Dean.

It has an attractive maple wood neck. Additionally, it has a four-bolt system with its neck system, which gives more flexibility. The guitar has 24 frets, which is made of rosewood. The humbucker pick up configuration of the guitar increases the playability of the guitar.

Also, a single soap bar pickup produces excellent sound. Everything about this guitar is simple but of very high performance and quality. Overall, it is a classy budget guitar.

The features mentioned give the dean mahogany electric bass guitar a more modern look. The look of the guitar is also stunning. I would recommend this type of guitar for the guitar enthusiasts who are so deep into the art of playing guitars.


  • Easy to transport because of its lightweight structure
  • It has a maple neck which is profiled to be fast, sleek and easy to play
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Well organized features for easy sound conveyance
  • Contoured body for playing comfort


  • A bit complex for learners

How To Choose The Best Bass Guitar

Best guitars give just the perfect sound to the ears without much struggle. It does not matter if you are a beginner or are professional. Choosing the best guitar will raise your confidence level and your enthusiasm.

Although to get there, the buyer has to go through the process of shopping for the right guitar. We should not give room for mistakes or regrets in such matters.

​I have prepared a detailed guide, which is a clear road map of how a buyer should get to the best guitar without much hustle. One thing guaranteed with the best bass guitar is that the performance will always be top-notch.

Bass Construction And Design

The starting point is trying to grasp and know the basic parts of a bass guitar.The basic components are the headstock, pickguard, neck, bridge, string posts, only to mention but a few.

The design of a guitar can easily attract a buyer. It can create a positive impression on the guitar. However, the design should be unique as well as durable. The guitar should be light-weighted. You might think if it is left-handed or right-handed.

On the other side of the part, the construction of a guitar is also important for a buyer. Best quality guitars offer not only good design but also robust construction. The durability of the guitar mostly depends on the building of the guitar.

The choice of a guitar may vary from person to person. A buyer should decide which one he needs because there are many options in the market. It is wise to take some time before buying a guitar. However, a well-constructed guitar with all the facilities can help the player to a great extent.

Budget And Purpose

Who does not want a guitar which will be low budgeted as well as quality? Before buing a guitar, one should think about the budget and his requirements.

I would recommend the buyer always shop for something within their financial means. The reason behind that is once you purchase the guitar, it will need various maintenance exercises and also be used in your environment.

For instance, somebody cannot be having access to electricity and yet still want to use an electric guitar in his or her environs. Always be realistic.

The bass guitars are of different quality and prices. Though they all fall under the category of best bass guitars, some are too expensive. There must always be the first and the last even among the best. Just know that a high-quality guitar bass will always sound better any time any day.


The materials used in the guitar determine strength or durability. It is also crucial because the tough the material, the longer the guitar will last.

You might not want to invest in a guitar which is not so durable. Especially a bass guitar is not cheap, and you don’t want one which can be easily damaged and of no use. It is essential to check all the components and their durability.

For instance, Mahogany is the most durable material in the world of best bass guitars. You will never regret if you acquire a get made from mahogany. Again, you must need a fretboard which is durable too. Also, think about the strings because it is the most used parts of a guitar.

Ease Of Use

Eases of use may also called flexibility. It defines how easy the guitar to play or tune. For beginners, it is crucial to think about the simplicity of a guitar. However, easy best quality guitars come with more user ability and accessibility.

It might not easy to play a guitar which is not easy at all. A professional player may tune it but it might be tough for an amateur. A good guitar always has an excellent feel, which brings a sense of comfort. Overall, a good guitar should be one that is simple to operate, and in case of small faults, the user can at least sort them out.

Final Words

Good music comes from the right instruments, which also result in happier people. However, it is confusing to choose the right guitar among the options. It always need some research to get the suitable one

I would urge those who love music, have that hidden potential, or fascinated by the guitar to try it out. Try out any of the highlighted best bass guitars in the review, and for sure, you will have nothing to regret about those guitars. Take time, think, choose wisely, and have fun.

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