Best Classical Guitars with Reviews

Classical guitar has become musical in recent years in competition with many guitar brands. Both classical and acoustic guitars are noble instruments. Classical guitars are also known as Spanish guitars. It is an acoustic wood guitar that uses different tonewoods to create high-quality sound.

You are thinking of buying the best classical guitar. As you are newcomers to this musical world, do not know what types of the classical guitar is best for you and also how to pick the best classical guitar.

Here we are going to give you the guideline of how to pick the best classical guitar.

Top Rated Best Classical Guitars

Top 8 Best Classical Guitars with Reviews

Picking the right classical guitar for you is not too hard. There are a plethora of reputable brands that work day and night to accommodate ever-incoming feedback. Keep in mind that not every expensive guitar is the best guitar.

In this article, you can find a review of the top 8 best classical guitars. We are sure you can find your favorite classical guitar here.

1. Kremona Solea Artist Series 

​The first classical guitar on the menu is Kremona’s Solea nylon-strung guitar from the Artist series.

This majestic guitar comes outfitted with premium-quality features, which include a solid cedar top, cocobolo back, ebony fretboard, and ebony bridge.

​It is one of the best classical guitar models in our reviews due to perfect playability and outstanding durability. The craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable, and the special hand-picked features work in unison, providing outstanding sound.

Its specifications include solid back and sides, solid top, and a super-thin glossy finish. The material of a guitar is essential in making the sound resonate in the open and to give it a nice tone.


  • ​Flawless construction
  • ​High in quality, without a single exception
  • ​Provide amazing sound and resonance
  • ​Highly durable cedar and ebony materials


  • ​It is expensive

2. Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Series Nylon String Guitar

Kremona Rosa Morena is one of the greatest classical guitars in the mid-range price point category. The design of this guitar is quite minimalistic, and the body shape is quite standard.

Its features are that it was manufactured by hand in Europe, and individual pieces are quite different. It comes with Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The nuts are made of authentic bone fragments.

Summa Summorum, Rosa Morena, is a decently affordable guitar, which is unique, peculiar, and hugely valuable for the money. It comes along with a branded gig bag as a complementary feature, so you can say that you’re gig-ready as soon as you get it.


  • ​Plain classical guitar
  • ​It is affordable
  • ​Rosewood back and sides
  • ​Robust sound


  • ​No hard-shell case

​3. Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

​The C7 is a handmade traditional nylon-string acoustic, featuring a solid European spruce top. This nylon string classical guitar looks pretty amazing, sounds exquisitely good, and comes outfitted with a set of high-end features.

This guitar features including the solid spruce top, back & sides made of Indian rosewood, and a Rosewood fretboard. Cordoba’s C7 S.P. comes pre-strung with Savarez Cristal 500CJ strings, which produce a bright, highly resonating sound.

​The main benefit of this guitar is that it comes with a complimentary gig bag. The guitar itself measures 39”, has full 19 frets, and is the neck is around 2 inches.


  • ​Magnificent medium-priced guitar
  • ​Traditional design
  • ​Produce bright and high resonate sound
  • ​Two way Truss rod


  • ​Loss concerning sound at higher volumes

4. La Patrie Guitar, Etude

The La Patrie Etude is the perfect classical guitar for beginners who want an affordable instrument. The main features of this guitar are that its beautiful finish and carefully implanted layers provide an exquisite outlook and durability.

The first most notable feature of Etude is the accurately radiused fretboard. The solid top and double function truss rod were made of cedar materials.

​This guitar offers smooth tones ranging from a deep shaft to a sweet and clear treble and radiused fingerboard for added ease and comfort. Players looking for top-quality sound on a low budget are sure to be satisfied with this guitar.


  • ​It is affordable
  • ​Comes with a set of marvelous features
  • ​Amazing sound
  • ​Top-notch playability


  • ​Action may be too high

5. Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

​The Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar is perfect for any aspiring classical guitarist or steel-string/electric wizard looking to take a walk on the wild nylon-string side. This guitar features a solid cedar top and sides are made of mahogany. It comes pre-strung with Savarez Cristal 500CJ strings.

​The main feature is that it is handmade in the traditional Spanish style. It comes with a gig bag and an accessories pack for all of your sessions for a beginner needs.

​The C5 nylon string classical guitar also features an all-wood inlaid rosette, rosewood binding, hand-carved headstock, fan bracing system, and bone nut and saddle.


  • ​It is affordable
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​It comes pre-strung with Savarez Cristal 500CJ strings.
  • ​It provides Cordoba gig bag


  • ​Minor imperfections concerning the bridge

6. Yamaha CG122MCH Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar

Yamaha’s CG122MCH is one of the most versatile and affordable classical guitars. It comes in two different types. One is the acoustic guitar, and the other one is the acoustic-electric guitar.

One of the highlights of this guitar is the 3-ply neck. It is used to enhance the overall durability of the guitar and protecting it from potential warping. The string action is quite low that can cause some problems with the trend, but you will benefit from improved playability.

​It features a nato back, sides, and neck. Both the fretboard and the bridge are made of rosewood materials. The mix of tonewoods gives you a robust sound that belies the price point.


  • ​Full and rich sound
  • ​Lightweight wooden build crafted
  • ​Excellent playability due to low action
  • ​Beautiful matte finish


  • ​Little bit uneven fingerboard

​7. Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar

Cordoba’s C3M is a perfect guitar for immediate beginners. It’s very affordable, and it comes outfitted with a Cedar top, rosewood bridge and fretboard, and a beautiful satin finish.

The C3M also has a hand-inlaid wooden rosette, a rosewood fingerboard, and nickel-plated tuning machines with pearl buttons. Nylon string guitars are constructed of lighter than steel-string guitars, allowing the soundboard to vibrate and resonate more freely.

​The tones of this guitar are rich and warm and bright when compared to other classical guitars of the same price. The main benefit of this guitar is that it is a beautiful guitar that packs an excellent tonal spectrum that is capable of entertaining you for many years.


  • ​Natural satin finish
  • ​High-quality rosewood materials
  • ​Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • ​Quality craftsmanship


  • ​Frequent buzzing might be a problem

​8. Yamaha C40II BL Classical Guitar​

​The Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar can perform tremendous expense with full-scale instruments with great performance. This guitar features a Spruce top, a rosewood fretboard and bridge, and a Meranti back and sides.

The CS40II is explicitly designed for young learners with a scale and compact body that offer excellent playing comfort. Tonewoods are strong and durable enough to sustain a guitar for years to come. Unfortunately, the binding looks a little bit odd with its ordinary black color.

​Nylon strings are easier on the fingers than a steel string, and it can be enjoyed streaming and picking. They have light action or low tension, so it is not difficult to press on the frets.


  • ​It is affordable
  • ​High level of craftsmanship
  • ​Offers nice tone with pristine sound
  • ​Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • ​Provides better durability​​​​


  • ​Strings are not very good in quality

How to Pick The Best Classical Guitar

There are several things you should consider before buying your classical guitar. First of all, you should fix your budget, after that your skill level, and the construction of the guitar. The last part you need to focus on when you are buying is that the accessories and complementary features of the classical guitar.

As you are a beginner, here we are going to give you the guideline about how to pick the best classical guitar.

Your budget

Knowing and deciding how much you want to spend will narrow down the object of your search. The price ranges are not pre-determined by a set of guitar experts. It is basically a categorization made convenient.

The guitars included in the budget section are affordable for everyone, and these high-end ones are reserved for those who do not value money too much. The difference in price range may be reduced or substantial.

Skill level

You may have heard the word playability, and if you are an instant beginner, you do not know what that means. It is strongly related to the skill level sound, which you should consider when buying your guitar.

The ability to play literally translates to how easy it is to operate this machine. Your level of skill influences how much you care about the guitar’s ability to play.

Construction and Material

The material used in the construction process of your guitar greatly affects the durability or how long your guitar will last. The durable guitar is one you can stick to without fear of tearing it down.

You should remember two important things while you are buying.

  1. 1
    Most high-quality guitars feature a body & neck construction made of ash, alder, poplar, walnut, holly, spruce, or basswood.
  2. 2
    Exotic materials can be reliable, but they're rare, so your guitar might cost extra. Such are Koa, Bubinga, Lacewood, Redwood, etc.

Accessories and Complementary Features

The accessories and complementary features are the bonus you will get with your purchase. Most manufacturers provide a simple gig bag as the bonus features while others go a step further.

It also offers a variety of things like tuners, free strings, audiobooks, complimentary hardware, and the like. The complementary features should not be the reason why you picked your guitar, but they should not be overlooked.

Final Verdict

There are several things to keep in mind as you look for the best classical guitars. You should see the price tag and set your values ​​accordingly. Keep in mind that even expensive guitars are not fault-proof, which means you simply cannot buy quality. You have to recognize it first.

In this review, we are trying to give the pros and cons of the top 8 best classical guitars. We hope that by reading this article, you are able to buy your classical guitar.

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