Best Fender Guitar Reviews

Many people are so excited when they buying their first guitar. It is worth noting that buying a guitar from a recognized brand gives you value for your money and you will also get a great instrument that will enhance your playing skills.

For many years, Fender has been a highly rated guitar brand that provides aspiring guitarists and well-experienced players with quality products that produce the exact sound that you want.

The company offers a wide range of both acoustic and electric guitars with the best features that make them standout in the market. If you are looking for the best Fender guitar, I have done the work for you by reviewing some of the best guitars produced by the brand.

Check out the reviews of these incredible products and hopefully, it will guide you as you select your first guitar. Any of the products that I have reviewed here is a top purchase and will guarantee you with incredible sound quality, comfort, and playability among other great features.

Top 10 Fender Guitar Comparison:

When we are talking about the best guitars on the market, we cannot forget to mention fender which is among the leading brands in the guitar making enterprise. 

The company has many years of making quality products that meet the needs of professional and hobbyist guitarists.

If you are a guitarist looking for a well-crafted acoustic guitar, get the Fender Acoustic Guitar, and you will enjoy a whole lot of incredible things that you need to get started. The guitar comes with a tuner, gig bag, strings, strap, instructional DVD and sprucing fabric. Everything that you need to start playing is included in the box.

Most beginners prefer buying a quality guitar that doesn't cost much. This model is affordable, and it will help you train and become a pro player. It is very simple to use, and this makes it ideal for youngsters and teenager guitar players. The strings are designed to close to fret hence making it very easy to play.

Another impressive thing about this guitar is its sound quality. For its price, you will be thrilled with the overall performance of the guitar and the quality sound that it produces. The guitar also provides you with a nice playability. Players find it easy to press the arms down to the fretboard and the strings are also close to the fret which also enhances easy playability.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The guitar is affordable
  • The package includes everything you need to get started
  • Designed with a full-size dreadnought body
  • Features a laminated spruce top
  • The sound quality is incredible
  • It comes with a gig bag

If you have been using a beginner guitar and now you feel that you want a more advanced guitar, I would recommend you to try the Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar.

This guitar is a perfect choice for players who want to upgrade to a professional level instrument to enhance their skills.

Users of this guitar love the C-shaped tinted neck that provides universal comfort and also makes it look stylish. Even when you are playing the guitar for quite some time, you will always feel comfortable.

Fender has incorporated alder in the making of this guitar. This is because of the tonal qualities that is provided by this tonewood gives you all the reason to purchase this guitar.

Another outstanding quality of the Fender Standard Stratocaster is its electronics. It has SSS or triple, single coil configuration and the pickups are wired to two-tone knobs, one volume knob and a pickup selector switch.

Expect the best sound quality from this Fender guitar. The guitar provides you with the most neutral strats that you can get, and this is clearly indicated in its tone. It provides you with a sound quality exactly as you would expect to hear from the Fender Standard Stratocaster.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Designed with a contoured alder body
  • Has a C-shaped comfortable maple neck
  • Features chrome hardware and die-cast tuning keys
  • The guitar has a stylish look
  • The flame maple top makes it extremely elegant
  • It has a player-friendly neck

I have played guitar right from a young age, and up to now, I have tried different types of guitars. One of the best brands that I still appreciate till now is Fender. 

The company makes their products having a player in mind. You can get a perfect guitar which provides you with sound quality and easy playability.

Apart from the guitar, there are other items that you will get which include an electric tuner, picks, strings, straps and a padded gig bag. All these items make it very easy for you to get started.

If you are searching for a nice acoustic guitar for practicing, jamming, recording or for a school band, the Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar will be a great guitar to purchase. The best thing is that the guitar doesn't require a huge investment.

The guitar allows you to enjoy optimal playability every time you are playing. It is designed with a protective and glossy finish encompassing the body that makes it very attractive.

Apart from the guitar, you will also enjoy the included gig bag that allows you to take the guitar with you anywhere you want. Additionally, the guitar also carries Fender's limited lifetime warranty which gives you peace of mind.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It is a full-size dreadnought acoustic guitar
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with essential items to get you started
  • The guitar holds its tune incredibly well
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Do you have a passion for playing guitar and do not know where to start?

You can make your dreams come true with the Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar Pack. Fender provides you with an easy way to acquire an electric guitar and get started.

Apart from the guitar, the package includes other essential items like the amp, tuner, instructional DVD, cable, gig bag, picks, and straps. What else do you need to begin playing guitar? This package offers you with everything that you need to sharpen your skills.

This 6-string electric guitar features a glossy classic Sunburst body with a Rosewood fingerboard. Not only does the guitar provide you with an incredible performance but also helps you look stylish as you play.

It also has a custom voice built-in overdrive that offers a natural grit as well as an adjustable gain control that works well in rocking the guitar tones.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Has a maple neck material
  • Designed with Rosewood fingerboard
  • Comes with all necessary items to begin playing
  • Has a nice Stratocaster body shape
  • Very affordable electric guitar
  • Has incredible sound quality

Most aspiring guitarists find it difficult to purchase a beginner electric guitar thinking that you need to part with a huge amount of money to get the guitar.

Fender has made electric guitars affordable to everyone, and everybody now can afford their quality guitars.

If you are a starter looking forward to an incredible electric guitar, get the Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar, and it will be very easy for you to learn how to play the guitar.

This is a lightweight guitar that is very comfortable and provides you with easy playability. It has a slim basswood body that makes it very easy to use. Other incredible things that make the guitar a perfect product for guitar players include the three single coil Fender pickups, fast action bolt-on maple neck and the 21 medium jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard.

The sound and tone quality of the guitar is all that a guitarist would love to have a guitar. It works great providing you with a nice and clear tone. In fact, this is the only guitar on the market that provides well-rounded sonic experiences.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Designed with a nice C-shaped satin finish neck
  • Designed with a gloss polyurethane gloss finish that protects the guitar
  • Offers you with maximum playability
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It has a quality sound and tone

Many first time guitarists might find it difficult to select between an acoustic and electric guitar.

As you all know, acoustic guitars are easy to learn, and once you have mastered the basics of playing an acoustic guitar, it will be very easy for you to buy an electric guitar.

Fender provides you with the FA-135CE Cutaway Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar that allows you to enjoy the benefits of an acoustic and electric guitar in one. This guitar features a sleek and modern design with a laminated spruce top. For acoustic players who love playing plugged-in, this guitar will be a great purchase.

This is a six string guitar with an incredible classic concert body and provides you with a well-balanced tone with a very little grin. The guitar is also designed with a Nato neck with rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and white dot markers.

For the hardware, the guitar comes with a set of chrome die-cast tuners that are distributed in groups of three across the sides of the headstock. When the guitar is plugged in, the sound quality of the instrument will entertain your audience. It provides a sound full of warmth, natural boom, and well-rounded boom.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • The strings are a little lifted

If you have been playing guitar for quite some time, you can agree with me when I say that Fender stands out as the most ionic guitar brand on the market.

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar is another great instrument that gives you the opportunity to play it plugged or acoustic.

Whether you are a musician or play guitar for fun, having this guitar will greatly change the way you play in a better way. This guitar provides you with a nice vintage look and quality body and neck construction.

It has a solid mahogany top that is combined with a laminated mahogany back and sides. The neck is designed with maple and features a satin finish. The rest of the top and fretboard feature a nice cream binding that contrasts the dark brown finish.

The hardware of the guitar is well set. It has a rosewood bridge, Tusq saddle, and a NuBone nut. It also has vintage die-cast tuners that are perfect when it comes to accuracy and keeping your guitar in a key.

For beginners, this acoustic-electric guitar offers a nice sound quality. The laminate body and the mahogany top add on to the quality of the sound. You can get this instrument and change the way you have been playing.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It has a modern style
  • Sound quality is perfect for beginners
  • Features a solid mahogany top
  • Cool looking acoustic electric guitar
  • The guitar is inexpensive

When you take a glance at the Fender Sonoran SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, you might confuse it to be a cheap quality guitar. However, this is not the case. Until you have played this guitar, that is when you will tell how incredible this piece of instrument is.

The guitar has a nice dreadnought shape and provides you with a good volume. The top part of the guitar is designed with solid spruce which contributes to nice solid sound. The guitar is not necessarily designed for beginners, but its price is perfect for beginners. People who want to get the feeling of an electric guitar will appreciate playing with this instrument.

You will be surprised at the playability of the guitar. It features a neck like that of an electric guitar hence ideal for players who have been looking for an acoustic guitar that provides you with a similar feeling to that of an electric guitar. In as much as the strings feel different, it is just like playing an electric guitar.

Knowing that Fender is known for quality and durable guitars, you can try this model, and you will get your way into learning how to play guitar. It is an incredible instrument that provides you with value for your money.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners and skilled guitarists
  • Features gloss neckband body finish
  • Has a nice vintage style
  • Has a solid spruce top with laminated mahogany back and sides

If you find that you have a passion for playing guitar, don't let your passion die. Instead, look for a nice guitar that will give you the opportunity to train and become a skilled guitar player.

It doesn't matter if you are in a band or simply love playing guitar as a hobby, picking the right guitar can make a huge difference in your life.

I recommend the Fender Alkaline Trio Malibu Acoustic Guitar not that it is one of the high-end guitars on the market but because it has everything that a starter wants to learn to play an acoustic guitar.

This is the first guitar that bought when I was learning how to play, and I can assure you that this is an incredible instrument you should invest your money in. This guitar is designed with all mahogany body to provide you with warm and biting tones.

It features a nice C-shaped maple neck with 20 frets, a rosewood bridge with synthetic bone, scalloped bracing and an eye-catching alkaline trio-designed heart rosette. We cannot forget to mention the rosewood fingerboard with comfortable action that allows your fingers to hit powerful chords that move an audience.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • Has great sound quality
  • Has a warm acoustic look
  • The guitar provides you with a nice feel and easy playability
  • Features a mahogany body, sides, and top
  • Designed with maple neck in soft C shape
  • Features a rosewood bridge featuring synthetic bone compensated saddle

Get the Fender FA-125S Acoustic Guitar Pack and make your fingers ready to play this top quality electric guitar.

This is an instrument that provides value, affordability, and quality to all people.

The guitar is designed with a solid mahogany top and laminated back and sides. It also has a mahogany neck featuring rosewood fretboard and a synthetic bone nut. If you need a perfect first guitar, this is the ideal model to buy.

Many people love the smaller body and full-size neck of the guitar that makes it perfect for small players and beginners. You will feel super comfortable when you are holding this guitar. It comes with an acoustic pack that carries everything that you need such as an electronic tuner, picks, gig bag, string winder and an instruction booklet.

If you are looking for a nice entry level acoustic guitar, this model from Fender will best suit you. The guitar is designed to provide you with a room-filling resonance and projection just as you would wish.

  • Pros​
  • ​Cons
  • It has a solid mahogany and beautiful finish
  • It has a nice C-shaped neck
  • Perfect for beginners
  • It has a solid spruce top
  • Comes with everything you need to begin

How To Choose The Best Fender Guitar

Purchasing a guitar can be an exciting thing. Now that you want to buy your first Fender guitar, there are a few things that you to find a perfect product that will match your needs well. Take note of the following things before you buy your guitar.

Your Playing Skills

Do not just pick a guitar without considering your playing skills. Are you an experienced guitarist or do you want an entry-level guitar? Once you find out your skills level, it will be very easy for you to choose the best guitar that smartly suits your needs.


Not all Fender guitars come with similar price tags. The features included in the guitar affect the price of the instrument. For instance, if you are purchasing your first acoustic or electric guitar, determine how much money that you want to spend. You should not spend more than $300 if you are buying your first learning guitar. But if you are a professional looking for a high-end guitar, you might consider spending a little more money.

Guitar Body

It is paramount for you to know that the body of the guitar greatly affects the performance of the guitar. The shape and size of the guitar will influence the sound quality and playability of the instrument. Therefore, it is worth purchasing a guitar with a body construction that will not disappoint you when you are playing.


For the best playability, your guitar should feel very comfortable when you are holding it. Pick the right size such that it is neither too big nor too small for you. in as much as the guitar is providing you with a good and quality sound, it should also provide you with total comfort when you are using the fender one of the best guitar.

Type of Strings

What type of strings do you want for your guitar? Do you want nylon or steel strings? If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to look for nylon strings because of they are easy to play with the fingers. Steel strings are also common, and they are widely used by rock and country music players as well as pop musicians.

Final Words

Playing guitar is a nice and fun activity. It doesn't matter if you are playing acoustic, electric or acoustic-electric. With Fender, you can be sure of using your game and training with no limits.

The company prides itself on proving customers with high-quality guitars for professional and hobbyist guitarists. If you want to get an incredible entry-level acoustic or electric guitar, it is worth considering the guitars that I have reviewed above.

The guitars are designed to provide you with easy playability, and they also come at affordable prices. If you want to enjoy great playing, be sure to get the best Fender guitar, and you will love the pro guitarist in you.​

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