Best Hollow And Semi Hollow Body Guitar Reviews

If you are enthusiastic when listening to music, you will understand that the most iconic and memorable music come from guitars with a hollow and semi-hollow body. Today we are  going to present the list of best hollow body guitar reviews.

Both Hollow Body and Semi Hollow Body Guitars have been used by legends such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, and Tom Petty, to mention a few. Today, many professional jazz players and other musicians use hollow-body guitars because of their stylistic choices. These guitars use lower output pickups with a warmer sound, and this makes them ideal for jazz-sub genres.

So lets check Best Semi Hollow Body Guitar Reviews too in this article.

Top Best Hollow Body Guitar

Why is Hollow Body Guitar So Popular?

Hollow body guitars are standard among jazz players. Many players love the guitars because they have more vibrant and more complex tone as compared to solid body guitars.

These guitars also work well when you are playing rock and pop music. Because of its versatile sound effect and flexibility, hollow-body guitars are on the top of popularity.

Top 7 Hollow and Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

Looking for the best hollow body guitar should not be a difficult task. If you are a professional guitarist or play for pleasure, there are a wide range of hollow and semi-hollow guitars that you will find to suit your needs.

Purchasing your first hollow body guitar can be a little challenging. But this doesn't mean you will not get a guitar of your dreams. We have reviewed some guitars from the market. Here we have given some recommendations of the best hollow and semi-hollow guitars.

1. Glen Burton GE775-CHIC-WHB Hollow Body Electric Guitar

One of the best selections that you can think of buying is the Glen Burton GE775-CHIC-WHB hollow body electric guitar.

The guitar offers high-quality wood in the neck, body, and fingerboard that provide it with durability. It provides you with a wide range of tones perfect for rock, jazz, and pop.That is why this guitar is a top selection for top artists like George Benson, Elvis, and Brian Setzer, to mention a few.

​If you have been using solid body guitars and mow, you want a universal sound, get this guitar, and you will love it. It has a more significant body and a full-hollow guitar with a 24.69-inch scale, which makes it easier for players to reach.

On top of that, there are other essential features available in this guitar, such as maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 2 volume 2 tone controls, 3-way switch, and dual 57-inch chrome-covered humbuckers.


  • The guitar is available in different colors
  • Designed with a high-quality wood
  • Provides a universal sound
  • Perfect for jazz, pop, and rock
  • The guitar is comfortable


  • No cons for this guitar

2. Ktone 6 String Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Trying something new is great, and you get to learn more. It could be your entire life playing guitar, and you have been using a solid body guitar.

If you do not have any experience in Hollow Body Electric Guitar, then you need to try the Ktone 6 String Hollow Body Electric Guitar. I believe you will love playing this guitar.

​This beautiful 6-string electric guitar made with a red burst maple neck and rosewood fretboard. All these facilities enhance the playability. It also has steel strings which are easy to play. Even a beginner can easily tune this guitar.

The guitar has a total length of 40 inches and has 223 frets. It provides an excellent sound quality that anyone will love. This guitar is excellent for performing or practicing.

Sometimes you may need taking your guitar with you at school, band or any other place. The guitar comes with a free gig bag, which will help you to accessible transportation. This bag enables you to carry it with ease in different locations.


  • The guitar has a maple neck
  • Designed with rosewood fretboard
  • Comes with a free gig bag
  • Designed with quality steel strings
  • It is easy to play


  • Complaints on inconsistent quality control

3. Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Playing guitar is a fun and exciting activity. A guitar not only gives you a great mood but also makes a massive difference after a tiresome day at work. People play guitar for different reasons.

Some play for professional purposes, while others do it for fun. For both of them, choosing the right guitar can make their work easy. A hollow-body guitars or semi-hollow body guitar can be an excellent solution for this purpose.

​For those people who want to play a semi-hollow guitar, Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is one of the best. It is an incredible guitar with twin Washburn pickups and stops tailpiece.

Everything about this guitar is impressive. It is starting from bolt-neck that sustains excellent, beautiful finish, high electronics, and pickups. Anybody on a budget can try this guitar and expect an incredible performance.

The guitar has a classic semi-hollow body with a vintage design, and this gives it a modern look. It has quality electronics, and this allows you to enjoy a similar range of tone and versatility as you would get from a solid body guitar.

Other quality features that you will get on this guitar include a 3-way pickup selector. It has chrome die-cast tuners, two humbucker pickups. Moreover, it has a Tune-o-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece and many other great features, get this guitar to enjoy all these.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Incredible sound
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Has a nice fit and finish
  • Provide versatile tone options


  • The guitar doesn't stay in tune

4. Epiphone DOT Studio Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar

With regards to quality guitars, you can always trust Epiphone with your money. The brand is famous for quality musical instruments that meet the needs of any player.

For those guitarists who want to have a better experience playing a semi-hollow guitar, we would advise you to pick the Epiphone DOT Studio Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar.

​This guitar has not only an elegant look but also a good quality sound. It has simplified controls, and it offers you with great functionality. It also features a powerful Vintage Alnico V Plus pickups that provide you with plenty of bites.

The guitar also has classic mahogany top, back, and sides that are all durably constructed to serve you for an extended period. It also features a LockTone Tine-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece that provides more sustain and makes it easy to change the strings.

Users of this guitar love its ability to produce a wide range of tones. This guitar adapts well to any musical style. The instrument provides all the sound and functionality of the Dot&rsquo, &Isquo with beautiful cherry or sunburst.

Just like other Epiphone products, this model also comes with quality electronic parts. The electronic components include full size, all-metal pickup selector, and the heavy-duty output jack. Try it today, and for sure, you will get the best experience with this musical instrument.


  • Has a nice semi-hollow construction
  • Designed with a rosewood fretboard
  • Has a set maple neck
  • Laminated mahogany top, back, and sides
  • The guitar has a classic look
  • Produces a wide range of tones


  • The fretboard doesn't have dots

5. Guild T-50 Slim Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Case

​You might not have tested all the guitars on the market, but you can believe Guild T-50 Slim Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Case. It is a unique instrument that any musician should look forward to buying.

This piece has incredible features that enhance its playability and ease of use. The sound quality is fantastic, and you will be satisfied with this slim, hollow guitar.

Surprisingly, everything about this guitar is excellent. It starts with maple back, maple sides, and the sleek sunburst finish that provides it with an attractive look.

The Guild harp tailpiece, Ivoroid binding, and iconic center raised headstock that all give it an elegant look. It's low output single-coil pickups, and the body depth makes the guitar complete. Moreover, the guitar is easy to amplify. It assures even the generations to come with the best styling and voice.

When playing the guitar, you will love the hollow body that provides you with comfortable playing and a vibrant tone. If you want to play Blues, Jazz, Indie Rock or Rockabilly, grab it today.


  • Comes with a hardshell case
  • Designed with a two-piece mahogany neck
  • Features low output single-coil pickups
  • Has an incredible sunburst finish
  • The back and the sides feature arched mapple


  • When unplugged the sound us dull

6. Gibson Memphis ES75EBNB1 Electric Guitar

If you're going to play guitar in style, consider buying a quality product like the Gibson Memphis ES75EBNB1 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar.

It is an ideal hollow body guitar that you would like. If you are a professional player, you need to have an experience with this guitar.

​This guitar is cost-effective. If you spend a small amount of money on a guitar, you do not expect to get a high output. On the other hand, if you spend your money buying a quality guitar, you will get what you desired. Though it looks costly, its features, performance, sound quality, and other things will impress you.

The guitar features P-94 pickups and a Bigsby, which makes it one of the best guitars in the musical world today. Many Jazz players love the performance of the guitar and the sound quality.

If you have never used a fantastic piece of instrument, it is worth trying this guitar. It has Rosewood fingerboard with pearl split parallelogram inlays and vintage tulip style tuners.


  • It has a nice design
  • Comes with two '57 Classic Humbucker pickups
  • Designed with a rosewood fingerboard
  • Quality hollow body electric guitar ebony with bigsby


  • It comes at a high price

7. Ktone Professional 6 String Hollow Body Guitar

There is a wide range of hollow-body guitars on the market today. Guitarists may confuse while buying their first guitar. However, this series is one of the best Ktone Guitars among them.

It is a black six-string guitar with a hollow body and designed with a rosewood fingerboard. It has a maple neck, and the total length of the guitar is 40 inches. It gives players an excellent fit when you are playing the instrument

.This guitar offers quality steel strings that are easy to use, and they also produce quality sound. This classy hollow body guitar is best for beginners. It is comfortable and provides quality sound. However, it is affordable too.

Once you buy the guitar, you will also receive a free gig bag that you can use to carry the guitar.


  • Comes with a free gig bag
  • Has a great look and quality sound
  • The guitar is comfortable to play
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • No negative reviews provided

How To Choose Best Semi Hollow Body Guitar?

If you are still confused about some of the things that you should check when buying a hollow body guitar. The following points will help you to remove your confusion.

Hollow or Semi Hollow Body

You can get the guitars as empty or semi-hollow, and the two are quite different. The difference between the two guitars is that a semi-hollow guitar features a solid center block that runs down the length of its body.

On the other hand, a hollow body guitar does not. Semi-hollow guitars are perfect for producing a sweet and bright tone that is perfect for folk, blues, Indie rock, and jazz.

Hollow bodies, on the other hand, are great for rich and pure performance. The only similarity between the two types of guitars is that they both have clear, bright, and warm tones as well as an excellent resonance when you are performing.

Make of the Guitar

Different types of guitars, whether hollow or semi-hollow, are available in various sizes, construction, and shapes.

Most of the hollow or semi-hollow guitars appear with six strings, and they have a lightweight body as compared to the solid guitars. It is an excellent characteristic that makes them easy to control and hold.

If you are a beginner guitarist, It is better to choose a model with a shorter neck. Such a guitar is also perfect for players with small hands.

Type of Wood

Another essential characteristic to buy a hollow or semi-hollow guitar is the type of wood.

With time, you will gain experience and more knowledge, so you might consider purchasing a great guitar to boost the sound.

In most cases, guitarist looks for instruments designed from solid wood, alder or maple while others feature a laminated or a combination of the two.

Type of Music

What kind of music do you play, and how do you want to express your creativity? By answering that question, it will be very easy for you for an electric guitar with a smooth lock and versatility.

You can get the right guitar for any genre, whether it is rock, blues, jazz, or even country.

Final Words

Hollow guitars have been there since 1930, and Gibson were among the first brands to come up with these guitars. Today they have gained popularity among many players. The semi-hollow models that reviewed here feature a versatile design, and they are ideal for jazz players, pop, and rock players.

We do believe, Those recommended Best Hollow Body Guitar and Best Semi Hollow Body Guitar review will help you pick the right hollow body guitar.

If you are an acoustic guitar player and want to jump into the world of music, there are options to suit your needs. You can always get a guitar regardless of the type of player that you are.

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