Best Travel Guitars in 2019 (Buying Guide and Reviews)

Many guitarists will tell you of the bother and inconvenience that may come about by hauling their guitars in their travel. But with the best travel guitars, carrying your instrument becomes easy when you are on the go. 

Most full-scale guitars are made of solid wood and are quite heavy. Also, because of their nature, they tend to be bulky and may pose a hassle especially when it comes to storage space. That is why we have put together a list of top quality travel guitars specially handpicked for your convenience. You are sure to get a guitar that is compact, versatile, good quality and pocket-friendly.  So take your pick. You will not regret it!

Best Travel Guitars Comparison

Top 10 Best Travel Guitars Reviews

This guitar made for you to use that time when you simply have to go for an out of town gig but need a light compact acoustic guitar, but don't want to make a concession on the scale length.

Despite it being compact, the guitar has the same length as that of a regular full-size computer.

The guitar is fitted with a headphone and tuner. This gives you the advantage of being able to listen to your favorite music and even play along with it. You can plug in anytime.

This portable guitar comes accessorized with a sturdy gig bag fitted with pockets and also has a convenient adjustable strap for easy carrying.

Highlight Features

  • Full-Scale
  • Truss rods that are adjustable
  • Gig bag
  • Headphone and tuner
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Does not have a pickguard
  • Gloss finish easily susceptible to smudges and scratches

This is simply the best acoustic travel guitar for on the road guitarists. It is easily portable and its compact design encompasses all the features of a full-scale guitar.

The BT1 is an original series suitable for adults and children. It is an easy to use, easy to play guitar. Its minute size camouflages its voice ability and resilience.

The Guitars intonation is above board good considering its small size. This is because usually small guitars have an intonation that is slightly off. However, this guitar has a slightly slanted bridge and the B string slightly back helping in the intonation.

The guitar is a beautiful piece to look at. It has a clean non- cutaway look. No visible joints even the neck seems to be perfectly contoured from the body.

This is among the smallest travel guitars in the market. Its miniature size makes it easy to carry around. Storage is also a breeze because its size allows it to fit into luggage spaces without a problem. The small size makes this guitar user-friendly for children too.

Highlight Features

  • Symmetrical look
  • Portability
  • Pocketed gig bag
  • Slanted bridge
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Comes with a pocketed gig bag. The pockets are great to store extra accessories that you may want to carry along. 
  • ¾ size of full guitar making it easily portable
  • Easy to play for kids and adults

Do not be fooled by the small size of this guitar. Whatever it does not have in terms of size, it makes up with its sturdiness, powerful voice intonation and well-finished exterior. It is a must-have for both children and adults

Are you looking for a portable easy to carry along guitar. Well, look no further as the best mini acoustic guitar is well within your reach.

The Yamaha JR1 is a ¾ size guitar perfect for tour needs. The guitar has a small portable size.

It is smaller than average guitar by 25{fd10870cb5a1dc9999cdfd14c28092c15dc67ac0cdaff9065a5829829aa0c5ed} making it among the smallest guitars. Its size makes it easy to carry around as is size also ultimately means lighter weight which is convenient for traveling.

The handsome design, along with the carefully selected woods to complete the guitar makes it an awe to look at.

The JR1 has an ample and good sound, unlike most small guitars. Also, it can be easily tuned and does not require constant tuning to keep the sound in check.

Highlight Features

  • Portable size
  • Nice look
  • Good sound
  • Steel strings
  • Gig bag
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Fret Space may be very close-fitting especially for big fingers presenting difficulty in playing
  • Steel strings may be a bit hard for kids and may cause callouses

For the person with little hands and who may find the full-scale guitar a bit bulky. This is a good pick for you. It will perfectly fit your little fingers and yet give you all you may need when it comes to acoustic guitars.

It’s non- argumentative that this is one of the unique shaped guitars on the market. It, however, provides all the functionalities of a good acoustic guitar. Good looking and user-friendly is how to describe this one of a kind guitar.

It is a small slender guitar and this makes the guitar less weighty. The light nylon strings further make it lighter.

The guitar has a rich sound tone. This is enhanced by the tonewood top and the neck, back and sides made from solid mahogany which make sound reverberate to produce a rich loud tone.

This means that the guitar does not have to be re-adapted for people who are left-handed. It can be easily used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

Highlight Features

  • Lightweight
  • Rich Tone
  • Well-padded carrying bag
  • Ambidextrous
  • Slender frame
  • Adequately spaced fret
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • The guitar's design makes it a bit bulky
  • The shape makes playing it while on the laps very difficult.

For the guitarist with a flair for the exceptional, you need not look any further. This easy to carry guitar fits even in small places. The sound may not be like a full-size guitar but it makes up for that in its volume range.

This Speedster traveler guitar is a one of kind guitar. Designed to be minute but with the scale of a standard guitar, it is the perfect on the move guitar.  With a dual rail humbucker and an adjustable bridge, it is sure to give you your money's worth.

The guitars scale length is equivalent to that of a standard scale guitar. This is despite its baby length. 

This means that you are able to have the same music experience as playing a full-scale guitar.

The guitar measures only 30 inches in length and at a weight of a minimal 5 pounds 5 ounces this guitar is arguably the best mini acoustic guitar on the market today. Carrying it around is just child's play.

The guitar has been designed in a way that it has an arm support that can easily be removed for convenience. This makes the guitar more compact and lighter. 

Highlight Features

  • Full Scale
  • Compact
  • Durable sturdy wood body material
  • Detachable arm support
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Has a durable sturdy wood body material
  • Extremely portable easily fits into standard luggage spaces
  • Easily replaceable guitar strings
  • check
    The guitar is compact

When it comes to real compactness and easy portability it is hard to beat the Traveler Guitar Speedster. With its single piece neck to body design and incredible lightweight wood body, it's not only bound to make your travel easy but give you great sound too.

This guitar is perfect for young beginners. It is small enough to be comfortably used by children and what's more, you don't have to worry about the guitars safety as it comes with a sturdy bag to keep it safe while on the move.

This guitar can be used by both left handed and right handed guitarists. This means that there is no need to re-adapt the guitar for left-handed guitarists.

The Martin guitar is made of a High-Pressure Laminate body which is quite lightweight. The body is also not susceptible to heat or moisture that causes the body to warp.

It comes with a wonderfully padded gig bag to keep your guitar safe. It has a big pocket at the front providing extra storage for accessories and personal effects. It makes carrying the guitar easier because the bag is fitted with backpack straps so the guitar can be conveniently carried as a backpack.

Highlight Features

  • Ambidextrous
  • Weatherproof body
  • Versatile gig bag
  • check-square-o
    High quality wood finish
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • The guitar easily goes out of tune and needs constant tuning 

Left-handed or right-handed does not matter in this case both can comfortably use this miniature guitar. The young ones can easily enjoy their learning experience with this toy sized, yet professional guitar.

This is a wonderful guitar for people with small hands, young learners, and children who love the guitar.

Its ¾ size makes it extremely light and portable. It has is a miniature shape of the full-size guitar and a range of volume to please any guitarist.

This portable guitar is significantly smaller than the standard full-size guitar. It is about 75{fd10870cb5a1dc9999cdfd14c28092c15dc67ac0cdaff9065a5829829aa0c5ed} of its size. This makes the guitar easily portable and lightweight.

The guitar is made of a quality durable material that will last long. Its back and sides are made of Mahogany which is sure to last a long time.

Because of its miniature size, the guitar can easily be carried around. Also, it comes with a gig bag which makes carrying the guitar around easy and safe.

Highlight Features

  • Miniature size
  • Durable
  • Easily portable
  • Carrying case
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Comes with a carrying case making it safely portable
  • Has clear sound because of its solid top
  • The guitar strings are easily replaceable
  • check
    Easy to play
  • check
    Produces quality sound

This lovely guitar sounds wonderful with its spruce top which aids in producing quality sound. Its small body size makes it a favorite for both travelers and eager learners and even adults with tiny hands.

The Fender Mini Acoustics guitar is a perfect guitar for young learners or people with tiny hands.

It is constructed using the best quality of material to make it durable and the wood combinations work to improve the sound quality of the guitar.

For most of the small guitars sound may be a bit off. But the Cordoba mini M, is fitted with upgraded tuners, and Sapele back and sides which in turn produce a beautiful sound.

The guitar has a very attractive finish. It has a satin coating that is wonderfully smooth on touching. It is also made of attractive an attractive Sapele wood on the back and sides plus a C' shaped neck combine to give a very handsome instrument.

The action is consistent and does not need to be set before using as the guitar can be used right out of the box.

Highlight Features

  • Excellent sound
  • C' shaped neck
  • Sapele wood
  • Attractive finish
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Made of lightweight material
  • C shape neck and strings spaced like a full-size guitar
  • ¾ sized body making it easily portable
  • check
    Steel strings may be a bit hard for kids and may cause callouses

It is the guitar of choice for the little hands that want professional quality sound. Durable and portable it is a traveler's best friend. The guitar is perfect for easy carrying and playing.

The Cordoba mini is a guitar that any professional player would love. It has a full-scale nut which feels and sounds like the standard guitar.

 The adequate string spacing makes playing the guitar comfortable and easy for both small and big fingers.

Despite its size, the Cordoba mini is fitted with a standard size nut width. This gives the guitar player the feel of playing a full-size guitar.

It is made of a tiny compact body that is suitable for easy travel as carrying it around is not a burden.

The guitar is made of lightweight but sturdy body material making it very light. The strings are also made of nylon further reducing the net weight of the guitar.

Highlight Features

  • Nut Width
  • Small body
  • Lightweight
  • Durable tonewoods
  • Padded carrying bag
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Can only be used by right-handed people

Excellent for professionals on the move, it is a light net weight. The guitar is small and compact with handsome looks it is a keeper for any traveling guitarist. Its padded traveling back makes moving around a bliss.

This is rated as the best mini acoustic guitar in the market. This guitar is averagely shorter than the standard guitar by about 30{fd10870cb5a1dc9999cdfd14c28092c15dc67ac0cdaff9065a5829829aa0c5ed}.

This directly translates to its weight which is averagely less by at least 40{fd10870cb5a1dc9999cdfd14c28092c15dc67ac0cdaff9065a5829829aa0c5ed}. It is quite portable for any traveler.

The Traveler ultra-light is very compact. It measures only 30 inches and has a weight of fewer than four pounds.

Despite its miniature size, the guitar has the same scale length as the standard full-scale guitar. This means that you get the same experience as if you were playing the full-size guitar.

The lap rest is a fixture that can be removed to make the guitar even smaller. Removing the lap rest makes the guitar perfect for traveling as it narrows the guitar which can easily fit in the overhead storage compartments in an airplane. 

Highlight Features

  • Full-Scale
  • Detachable lap rest
  • Compact
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • The guitar is fitted with jack ports for input and output of sound
  • Has durable medium frets
  • check
    Has easily replaceable strings

When it comes to portability this is one of a kind with its tiny size and equally minimal weight. It is the perfect travel guitar for you. It is also made of durable material which will surely last you many years.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Guitars

When selecting the best acoustic travel guitar there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Here we examine the most basic factors you should look at.

Guitar Size

The size of your travel guitar will matter a lot. The more compact the guitar the better for traveling purposes. Thus it is preferable to get a guitar which is minimal in size and which can easily fit even in compact luggage compartments or one you can comfortably carry even on your laps.

Scale size

Travel guitars also try as much as possible to maximize the guitar experience. Thus most travel guitars have full or almost full-scale length. Tus this is one of the considerations you should make as you shop for a travel guitar.


The kind of sound you are looking for will also be a determinant in the kind of guitar that you may want to purchase. Acoustic guitars have less sound because of their smaller neck. Travel guitars usually come with preamps and output jacks to amplify sound.


Most small guitars are made of laminate or solid spruce, unlike the full-scale guitars which are mostly made of solid wood capable of handling climate changes.

It is recommended that you get a guitar with a solid top to bring out the best sound. The laminate body will be able to withstand the weather extremities.

Carrying case/Bag

It is pertinent to ensure that your guitar has a bag or case to ensure that your guitar is safe as you travel.


Finally, you will need to acquire a travel guitar that is within your pocket range. Though travel guitars are typically less costly than full-scale guitars, it is important to realize that too cheap may compromise on quality.

Final Verdict

Finally, ensure that the kind of Travel guitar that you select will cater for all your specific needs. We have the exact guitar for you when it comes to size, body material, additional accessories or string type. Our awesome collection of traveling guitars will ensure you get the best. Make time to go through our collection. Each guitar has been tested and tried and has had great reviews and that is why we have put it in our selection. So be wise and make the right choice. Pick a guitar from our selection and you will be happily strumming along.

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