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Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

Music is one of the purest joys in life. It can inspire us, move us and take us to new heights, allowing us to experience things we have never seen before. Guitar music is often considered some of the best in the World because of the variety of sound produced. It can be played solo, […]

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Nya Marquez: Launch a Pop Star

Nya Marquez is a 17-year-old rising teen pop star who is looking to get her music released to multiple countries throughout the world. She’s already earned a cult following by playing in schools and other upscale venues. Several top music industry professionals currently have their eyes on her talent as a performer. A worldwide launch […]

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How to Play Electric Guitar Chords

Frankly speaking, electric guitar chords are the same as acoustic guitar chords. However, some of them just sound better on an electric. If you pick up an unplugged electric guitar and play a couple of chords, it will sound hushed and flat compared to an acoustic guitar. This happens because the body of an electric guitar […]

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How to Play Classical Guitar

Are you trying to explore your talent in guitar playing? How about you learn how to play a classical guitar this year? Among the things that differentiate a classical guitar from the rest of them are the nylon strings, a wider body, and longer neck, a hole in the body known as a rosette and […]

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