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How to Build a Reverb Pedal?

From early 50s reverb effects of simple acoustic sticks to spring reverb of the 60s, the impact is felt in contemporary amps. The power of force pedals in sound enrichment for solo and ambient echo effects is alluring to souls beyond and within. Usually you may confused with delay pedals and reverb pedals. Reverb pedals […]

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Tips For Buying A Metal Guitar

Metal guitar sounds are still the most popular guitar sound, among others. It is no secret that a good quality guitar will definitely give you good guitar sounds. Unlike other genres of music, metal is a bit more complicated. Strong vocals characterize it with fast and heavy drum beats and brutal guitar riffs distort it. Your […]

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How to Play 12 String Guitar

12 String guitar is perfect for a bright, sharp, and warmful mellow sound. This guitar is rich in sound for diverse styles and genres that indulge guitarists, vocalists, performers, and audiences. Like other string guitars, 12 string guitar is also famous in these generations. To playing a 12-string guitar is not a walk in the park, […]

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How to Choose an Electric Guitar

Do you want to play your instrument in the plug? Then you must consider buying an electric guitar. You have no experience purchasing an electric guitar. Does it mean you can’t buy it? If you think you can’t buy it, then you’re thinking wrong. When thinking of buying an electronic guitar, you need the right information […]

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