Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review

Every beginner guitarist wants to buy a good quality Acoustic Guitar. In the market, many brands offer different types of guitars. So, to buy a good quality acoustic guitar, it is essential to research the market.

From many guitars, we have chosen a guitar which is best for the beginners. It is a starter pack at an affordable price. The guitar we are talking is Crescent MG 38- CF 38’, a perfect piece, you will make a choice.

In this article, we have discussed about the guitar elaborately. We also outlined some unique features of the guitar.

About Crescent MG 38- CF 38’

Like other Crescent guitars, MG 38- CF 38 is one best of the guitars for guitarists. This guitar was designed specifically for amateurs or beginners – people who are just starting their musical lives.

The guitar has an excellent shape, which is comfortable to carry and tune. Like other high-end acoustic guitars, this guitar has all the facilities at an affordable price. Anybody can easily tune the strings, and the vibrant sound of the guitar is loveable. This piece is a blend of perfection and beauty.

General Features of Crescent MG 38 – CF 38’

Here we have outlined some features of the guitar so that you can easily compare this with others. Those features will help you to know about the guitar as well as other acoustic guitars.

Color & Finishing

It is available in numerous colors, which bring out the personality of the amateur guitar. For the lovers of cool colors & kinky colors, this one is ideal. Moreover, the guitar has a stunning finishing which makes it distinct from others.

Physical Appearance

Its physical outlook can best be described with words such as "beautiful," "ravishing," and "outstanding," but it's quite plain and straightforward. The frame is wooden, and it has some polish, which gives it an attractive shine.

Strong steel strings accompany the stylish wooden frame. The design pretty classic for an acoustic guitar, but you can always reconsider and string it up with some nylon ones if they're too hard for you.

Furthermore, the crescent MG38 – CF38 is equipped with a cool onboard digital tuner, allowing for precise and accurate fine-tuning.

Simplicity at its Best

This innovative idea keeps it well above the rest. Since the crescent acoustic guitar seeks to make it easier and much simpler for the amateur guitarists.

It is designed to connect a dream of one being a great guitarist. It connects between the reality and achievement of music. That is why anyone can trust and purchase the crescent MG38-CF 38 acoustic starter guitar. It is considered to be pretty affordable too.


This guitar pack comes with some other extra features. For example, it has extra strings, gig bag, guitar strap, picks, pickguard, and pitch pipe tuner.

Special Features of the Crescent MG 38 – CF 38 ‘Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

Crescent MG 38 – CF 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Crescent MG 38 – CF in the same basket with some of the best guitars for the buck.

Digital Tuner

A beginner is someone who knows absolutely nothing or very little about a particular thing. To aid the beginner, the designer of the crescent MG-CF acoustic guitar comes with a digital tuner. The tuner allows the amateur to quickly take care of one of the hardest beginner problems – staying in tune.

It means one can be their teacher without having someone to teach them. The digital tuner is the guardian angel. It just breaks the barrier and allows the beginner guitarist to try various tunes until they get to the right one.

Wooden Frame and Steel Strings

As we all know, wood can last for long so long as it is taken care of properly. On the part of the manufacturer, the wooden frame was designed durably, properly polished to give it a classic and stylish outlook.

The user is required to handle it with care, and it will last. On top of it, the crescent acoustic guitar is fitted with strong steel strings. The strings added great musical experience.

The lines are pretty durable, and, even though they're made of steel, they tend to be more comfortable than your average set. The steel strings have a loud, bright ringing tone that projects to the listener.


  • Decently affordable and valuable for the cash
  • Beginner-friendly features make it perfect for newbies
  • Excellent sound quality and moderate versatility
  • Durable construction makes this one a keeper


  • The only part which isn't exactly durable is the wooden frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the guitar come with a guitar strap?

A: Yes, it does though its design has only one knob for hanging the strap.

Q: Are the strings that are on the guitar right-handed or left-handed?

A: The steel strings are right-handed when the guitar is delivered.

Q: Does the guitar offer a bag?

A: Yes, it has a gig bag which helps the guitarist to carry the guitar easily.

Q: How to tune the guitar?

A: The guitar comes with a digital tuner so that you can tune it easily.

Q: Is it a beginner guitar?

A: Certainly, yes, it is a perfect starter pack.

Q: Is this guitar very costly?

A: To be honest, this is a cost-effective guitar. The price is not too high.

Final Verdict

Crescent MG 38 – CF is, undoubtedly, one of the best beginner guitars on the market. It's decently affordable, it comes outfitted with a set of premium-quality features, and it's versatile enough to accommodate the needs of different play styles.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons, so you should at least consider it if you're searching for a quality beginner guitar. Play it today, have fun.

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