20 Different Types of Guitars & The Legends Who Played Them [Infographic]

The guitar is an amazing instrument, it’s played by everyone from children to rock stars and is found in all types of music from country to classical. With so much diversity and history there’s no doubt why the guitar is a music staple. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning to play the guitar, you naturally have an appreciation for the instrument and the music it produces. After all, it’s more than wood, strings, and metal. Each guitar is a piece of art worthy of those who play them.

The variety of guitars goes far beyond acoustic versus electric. There are multiple options when it comes to the number of strings a guitar can have, the body type, the shape, the size; it can have one neck or five- basically the sky’s the limit! Obviously the differences in the physical guitar will affect the sound, so choose one that best fits your music style. You wouldn’t want a miniature acoustic if you’d like to play heavy metal.

Many artists had guitars made especially for them, such as Prince and his “Cloud” guitar. To this day, singers and guitarists alike will have their guitars painted or built specifically for them and their image. This can give them a signature that is recognizable and unique. If you’re looking for another way to stand out from the crowd, a custom made guitar might be just the trick, or you can always modify one to fit your aesthetic.  

A guitar is a marvelous spectacle in and of itself, but an instrument is nothing without someone to play it. A solid body electric stratocaster was just another guitar until Eric Clapton made it sing. The GIbson Lucille became famous after BB King used it to produce his sultry blues sound. The Cigarbox Electric, called the Twang Machine, helped give Bo Diddley the sound that set him apart. Clearly, a vision, a song, and the perfect guitar are the formula for an epic performance.

The infographic from TakeLessons below showcases twenty types of guitars as well as the legends who made them famous. As mentioned earlier, a guitar is just an instrument until a great player gives it a chance to shine. As you can see in the accompanying videos, these artists gave each guitar that chance. Those moments became a part of musical history as they were imprinted on the memories of those watching. You can make musical history, too! Use these examples to get inspired to practice harder and take your playing to that next level. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone.

In your musical journey it is important not to limit yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity to try out different styles of guitars, different genres of music, and to learn from different artists. Expand your creative horizons and use every experience to add to your artistic value. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up creating a new style of guitar and make it just as iconic as these legends did.

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