Guitar for Dummies acoustic guitar starter pack Review

Are you thinking of buying a guitar that includes a full set with guitar instruction book and cd, tuner, and much more? Then we prefer you to select Dummies acoustic guitar starter pack. It is best for beginners and also comes with an instruction book, CD, and tuner.

Dummies acoustic guitar comes with good quality, which seeks to cushion the user. This starter pack guitar is equipped with a digital tuner that uses batteries to keep up with the technology. The product weighs 3.8 pounds, and its estimated dimensions are 41 by 15 by 4.5 inches.

The guitar is made with only one size, so if none of them fit well, there is no cure without adjusting them. The body material of this guitar is made of laminated wood.

Features of the Guitar for Dummies acoustic guitar starter pack

Dummies acoustic guitar starter pack is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. There are some features of Dummies' acoustic guitar. Let's talk about them.

Gig Bag With Strap

The gig bag is basically for carrying the guitar, and it comes with a strap. The dimension of the guitar proves that it is indeed big enough. Therefore, transportation and even carrying it when playing might prove to be quite a challenge.

The guitar for dummies acoustic guitar starter pack is on improved mode since many guitars do not have a gig bag.

Body And Neck

The guitar has a spruce top, linden back and sides. The main thing is that its strings are made of steel and, which are six in number. There is a hex key for tightening the neck with three picks.

These features make the guitar produce quality sound and at the ease of the guitarist. The whole body is a dreadnought style and made from wood, which in this case, is laminated.

The main feature of this guitar is that this makes it durable and long-lasting. The texture of the body is made smooth to create a sense of comfort.

Digital Tuner

The tuner aids the guitarist to get a tune of their choice at a faster rate. The tuner in this guitar is accompanied by a 2000aMh battery, which tends to last long but highly recommended to be quickly replaced when their lifetime expires.

The guitar for dummies acoustic guitar starter pack makes the guitarist achieve perfection since it does all the challenging work for the guitarist.


  • ​Highly professional with a simple outlook
  • ​User-friendly price
  • ​It is durable
  • ​Stylish and robust
  • ​It plays smooth and productive sound courtesy


  • ​The lack of options regarding size limits its usage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it come as a whole package or the other things like the gig bag are sold separately?

Ans: Once you place an order for the guitar, it is considered you have placed a request for the whole package. So for a comparatively reasonable price, one gets quite a good deal for all those items.

2. Is it made for persons of all sizes or just specific people?

Ans: The guitar is only available in one form, which means if it is only for taller people, then others will have a hard time using it.

Final Verdict

Apart from the few shortfalls, this guitar is state of the art caliber. The features ensure that its performance is impressive, and to make it even more marketable, other things that come with the guitar can be a lot more helpful. From the gig bag to the batteries, they all work in unison to give the guitarist lots of comforts.

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