5 Accessories Every Guitarist Needs

As a guitarist, you would want to start your day nicely, knowing that you pretty much have the day covered. Well, not everything goes on too nice. You might find yourself lacking some of the essential accessories.  Are you wondering which accessories will make playing guitar easy and fun? The following are important accessories that every guitarist wants.

List Of The Guitarist Accessories

1. Tuner

A tuner seems like something you would not forget to have, but surprisingly, it is one of the most easily overlooked accessories by the guitarist. A guitarist playing without a turner would probably be having one of his worst days in his career. Even though most modern guitars do are fitted with inbuilt tuners, many of the old models and the electric guitars do not have the turners. This means that there are probably a large number of guitars that do not have tuners.

If you are a guitarist and you find yourself without a tuner, then you are rendered on a sitting duck. Most of the guitarist who might have something resembling an alternative will run to a piano, or in some case, some guitarists have the innate ability to recognize a perfect pitch. Technology has attempted to provide solutions to this situation.

Today, there are many turner apps in the market, but with the many forms of noises coming from the guitar; the apps might not be reliable. Therefore, a tuner is a significant part of the guitar. Without it, you would feel like your day has crumbled.

2. Strap

The strap is yet another small yet critical part of the guitar. Without the strap, your day can turn out to be one of the disappointing ones when you are sitting down watching other guitar players having fun with their guitars. Without the small piece of leather, you will lack a significant part of the guitar that will enable you to prop up your guitar. When you do not have a strap, you are pretty much stuck with three options, all of which do not look good.

The first option is that you might decide to borrow from your friend, who will forbid you from changing the settings of their straps. You will have to make do with it, not knowing how the settings would respond to your turning. The second option is that you just rest for the day and accept that the day is not going to happen for you, and sit somewhere as you watch your colleagues have fun with their guitars.

Finally, you might decide to take the risk of playing the guitar without the strap, holding your guitar awkwardly while trying to strum without knocking your guitar on the floor.

3. Slide

Sometimes you might want to play Nashville, and you are not in the class of Robert Johnson and Jimmy Page. Without the hollow piece of glass or metal, you will probably have to make do with your fingers to play blue licks, which might come out unoriginal. Even though you might come up with some crude yet trick ways of substituting your slide, it might not operate like anything close to the real slide. Some people might decide to use different instruments such as a whiteboard marker, or a short glass, or even the face of a watch, which might be destroyed after use. When choosing a slide, it is important to choose one that can be operated with one finger.

This will allow you to keep it stable without having to use the second finger and you cannot use the slide for hammering, fretting, and other extended slide techniques. You should be using the other fingers for creating chords and pinning notes. Therefore, the right size of the slide should fit snugly into your finger allowing you to play your guitar most efficiently and effectively.

4. Capo

The capo is like the automatic car of the manual of a guitarist. It is a simple object, but its absence can deny you the opportunity to do many things. As small as it is, the capo allows you to have an experience with many different types of keys on the guitar. The capo can also allow you to maintain particular registers for a long time.

The capo, upon use in only but a few strings, can allow you to experiment with different playing styles and include unique open tunings in your play. Sometimes you might want to play open chords and not bar chords. Well, there is no big issue about that, not until you lose a capo, you might have to do with the pesky bar chords, and there is probably nothing you will do about it.

Without the capo, you might probably cause a few damages to your fingers. Your hand would probably get tired as a result of frequently jumping through the neck. Your fingers might get strained from the increasing pressure because the simple open chords you shall have wanted to play will have been restricted by the keys of the song. Therefore, if you can get yourself a capo, you will probably have the chance to play around with your guitar in an enticing manner.

5. Picks

So, before you go playing the guitar, you might think loud to yourself that you have enough guitar picks. This is one of the most common incidences that guitarists find themselves; over believing in the available picks while they might lose some. Without the guitar picks, you might want to forget about playing some of the songs with shredding solos and heavy strums such as rock songs.

Your fingers will probably strain from achieving the definition of the pitch. You might not be able to achieve the clarity and ease of playing than a pick can afford. Considered to be just an accessory, the picks have become a critical component of playing guitar. As a guitarist, you need to be armed with every accessory that makes your playing time great and fabulous.

Picks are such instruments that allow you to juggle between different types of songs with ease. The picks play a critical role in setting the tone of the guitar, more so an electric guitar. Without the picks, you might have to strain to achieve certain important effects in the tone of the guitar.

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