How to Choose Ukulele for Beginners

Contrary to what many believe, a Ukulele is not a small guitar. It is a musical instrument just like a guitar with a very rich history. Traditionally, a Ukulele is used to produce great warm sounds to accompany one’s voice when singing.

The instrument is easy to play and sweet sounding making it one of the most popular instruments out there. There exist ukulele clubs almost in every neighborhood you visit. Therefore, deciding to acquire one is not a very bad idea. Do you have what it takes to select a Ukulele that will just suit your needs?

How to Choose Ukulele for Beginners

Picking a wrong ukulele could be the only reason you never enjoy playing it. The best way to test a ukulele is to test it to hear how well or bad it sounds. However, that would be asking too much from a beginner. Therefore, you will need to arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you pick the right instrument for you.


Ukuleles are played by the hands. Some after purchasing their instruments always complain that it feels it is either too big or too small. The only way to avoid this problem is to select an instrument that suits you just right. The ukulele family has four basic sizes namely; the Soprano, concert, tenor and finally the baritone.

They Increase in both size and scale length from the soprano all the way up to the baritone. Notably, they vary in body size and the key to which they are normally tuned at. As a beginner, you should consider the soprano size as you go up until you get the right size for you.


The most integral part of any purchase is the price. There is no point of purchasing an extremely expensive instrument that you will hardly use. Due to size and quality, ukuleles come at a wide range of prices.

As a beginner, you just need something that gets you going as you practice to perfect playing the instrument. Later on, you can go for the sophisticated models. As a result, you should go for the low-end instruments that are will cost you cheaper. However, the price is a relative subject. It will do you no harm to buy a high-end instrument if your budget allows you to.


The looks of any musical instrument is a very important aspect when selecting one. It is what will actually make you stay glued to it. Everybody will love a ukulele that they are not afraid to use around others. A ukulele that will make you suffer from lack of confidence is the plague you must avoid as a beginner.

Furthermore, ukuleles sound nice when they are played in unison. It is the major reason you are ukulele clubs are coming up so fast across the country.  You can either select a given style, color and much more depending on your preference. With a good looking instrument, nothing can hold you back from joining those clubs you have always wanted to.


The body of ukuleles is made from wood. Unlike higher quality ukuleles that are made of solid wood, the low-end ones are made of veneer. The tonewood of any ukulele goes a long way into dictating how it will sound.  Solid woods are expensive but sound better compared to laminated wood.

There are several kinds of wood that can be used such as mahogany, cedar, and spruce just to name but a few. As long as you feel your instrument is sounding and looking good, the wood does not matter so much.

As a beginner, you might find selecting tonewood so difficult. Try consulting before settling on one. If you know how to use a tuner, you can assess the intonation by fretting up to check if it plays in tune up to the neck.


This is simply how far the strings of your ukulele are from your fingerboard. It is easy to check out. As a beginner, you should always ensure that your strings are a low as possible on your fingerboard. Playing a ukulele with strings higher on the fingerboard would make the chord on the first frets difficult to play.

In addition, the open chords will be out of tune. Consequently, the instrument becomes so difficult to play causing a problem with the intonation.  You should be very keen to select a guitar with as low action

The condition of the ukulele

As a beginner, it is advisable to go for a new ukulele from the stores instead of a second hand. You will need something that is intact and has not been tampered with, as you will never notice it easily. Even with a new instrument, you will need to check out for the conditions before buying it.

First, you will need to sight down the neck of your ukulele to see if it is warped on not. You should avoid a warped neck ukulele as it will cause you more problems than benefits.  You should as well check out for the conditions of the instrument. Look out for hairline cracks on the top, sides, and back of the ukulele. A ukulele with hairline cracks on the body is not good for you.

Final verdict

For any music lover, it is high time you started creating and loving your own sounds. A good sounding instrument that is easy to play like a ukulele will come in handy here. In fact, all it takes to play a ukulele is stringing up and down without much hassle. However, it is not only good sound and ease of play that you should consider.

You will need an attractive and cost-effective instrument among other factors. Just like instruments such as guitars, a Ukulele comes in different sizes, styles, sounds, and wood to choose from. Most importantly, you will have to practice to perfect in the act.  If picked correctly, a ukulele can be a very entertaining instrument for any beginner.

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