How to Play Guitar for Kids

The guitar is a musical instrument that produces sound by strumming the strings using your fingers. It is an instrument that usually has six strings. Basically, there are two types of guitars. One is the acoustic guitar, and the other one is the electric guitar.

How to Play Guitar for Kids

The sound of an acoustic guitar is projected through plastic or hollow wooden box. An electric guitar produces sound via a speaker and an electric amplifier.

Play guitar is not that difficult, but it requires patience. Playing guitar for kids should be fun and a step by step learning process. It would be best if you play a variety of songs to encourage them to develop their own taste.

Basic Rule of How to Play Guitar for Kids

You want to teach your kids to play guitar. Here is a simple guide on basic rules of how to play guitar for kids.

Parts of the Guitar

‚ÄčOnce you help your kid identify the right guitar for them. Your kid needs to identify the various parts of the guitar. The guitar has three major parts. Major parts are the body, neck or bridge and headstock

How to Hold the Guitar

Holding the guitar is a basic but essential part of how to play guitar for kids. Therefore your child should clearly demonstrate how you hold the guitar at this stage.

Better to sit on a chair than stand on the floor while playing guitar. So that look for a low chair that your kids can comfortably sit. Keep in mind that your kid's feet are firmly touching the floor.

The base of the guitar should be in the baby's thighs, and the dominant hand protects the body. On the other hand, string fretting should help the guitar neck.

Tuning the Guitar 

Tune your child's guitar as this stage is trying to teach them how to tune their guitar. What you can do is figure out what you are doing when tuning their guitars and why you are doing it.

Make sure they understand the importance of tuning their guitar. Play some fun and easy songs while tuning your guitar. In this way, your child will learn to tune their own guitar.

Familiarize the child With the Guitar

For starters, the complex look of a guitar can be terrifying to a kid. It would help if you encouraged your children to play the guitar as they play.

Have your kid tap on the body of the guitar and pluck strings at random. It will produce different sounds that will arouse the kid's curiosity.

Exercise patience with the kid

Patience is the key here because the child may not be able to have all the ideas at this stage. Learning at this stage should be a step-by-step process. It is vital to remain calm and even to clarify the terms and concepts in simplicity.

Introduce single notes gradually

Learning to note and scales is also an important task. Because it lets them know where to find them on strings and how they work together to produce the melody.

However, the density and spans of children are very low, so that they get irritated quickly. Therefore, it is important to keep these theoretical lessons brief and precise. Keep these lessons short and move to play the guitar.

Start with simple strumming patterns

Coordinating the hand between the right and left hands is one of the most challenging tasks of across the board. Both young and old will experience it.

It can be more challenging for children as they have not yet developed skills. A simple downstream is one of the most accessible patterns to teach. Once they are familiar with it, you can go down-stream.

Use simple chords

Most chords are complicated for your baby's insecure and weak fingers. It is advisable to use common districts where your child can play with one or two fingers. You can do this by getting yourself a chord guide or downloading an app from the internet.

It is important to keep an eye out for molds that require a pink finger. It is the weakest finger of a child's hand and may not be able to hold the string properly against the bridge.

Introduce fun songs

It would be best if you asked the kid their favorite music. Put them down and add them to your playlist. It is meant to teach kids how to play guitar for fun.


How to play guitar for kids is meant to be fun and not overwhelming. You need to be patient with your kid because a kid's concentration is low at that level.

Play music frequently in your home. Let your kids get acquainted with different types of music. It will encourage them to develop their own taste in music.

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