Nya Marquez: Launch a Pop Star

Nya Marquez is an emerging teenage pop star who wants to release her music in multiple countries worldwide. She has already followed a cult by playing in schools and other high places. A top music industry professional is currently looking at his talent as a performer. She wants to be popular, and launching a music album is the next step in his music life.

Recently, Nya is crowdfunding to record the music for her new album, “Launch a Pop Star.” On her album, she’s trying to introduce the pop song into the world.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Nya and how she recorded his new album, “Launch a pop star.”

Nya’s Story

Nya is a 17 years old rising pop star. She has been working with top music industry professionals for the past 12 years.

In her childhood, Nya wants to become an international performer. Her inspiration came from watching other artists and performers on various television shows of Nickelodeon and Disney. To make her dream come true, she has taken vocal lessons since she was 3 years old. She worked hard to make his dream a reality.

Nya’s parents were never wealthy, or they had no connection to the entertainment world. Her desire to be an artist is determined by herself. Although many girls can imagine to being a pop star, Nya actually did something about it. She has been pursuing this dream ever since she could walk.

How Nya Entered into Music Industry

Nya’s first big break in the industry came after she got to work with AB Quintanilla. AB Quintanilla is the brother of the legendary Latin singer Selena. He’s won several Grammy awards and sold more than 100 million albums.

This was the perfect opportunity for Nya to break into the music industry because she learned a lot from Quintanilla. First time, Quintanilla worked on any full English album. So, it was an excellent experience for both artists.

Significance of the album

Nya Marquez is popular for her unique singing voice. She is also a great dancer too. The professionals on her music team have helped other notable artists rise to the top, including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Usher, Nikki Minaj, and Enrique. Nya is just as talented and even more determined to become a top performer like them.

Ten or twenty years ago, aspiring music artists had to rely on music studios to create recordings of their albums. Nowadays, young talented artists like Nya have many more opportunities to make their voices heard. Artists should thank crowdfunding websites where they can funding money from fans to launch their albums in the broader market.

Campaign for “Launch a Pop Star”

Nya’s father and talent director, Nick Marquez, has just started a Kickstarter campaign for his daughter’s next album. The campaign aims to raise $ 40,000, which is enough for Nya to record his upcoming album “Launch a Pop Star.”

Those who are pledging at least $9, they will get Nya’s newest music and a digitally autographed photo of Nya. They also get a digital copy of Nya’s album “Crush.”

Final Verdict

Fourteen years later, she is set to enter puberty as an international pop star. She needs a little more help from her fans to push her over the finish line and make it happen. Her next upcoming album, “Launch a Pop Star” is launching globally.

If you’ve heard her music and believe she has enough talent to make it bigger, then Nya will launch her next album worldwide.

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