How To Start Learning Acoustic Guitar

Are you planning to start learning acoustic guitar? As a learner, things might seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t follow the right protocol. You must first figure out how and where to learn.

You must first figure out the things you want to learn on a guitar. Most people give up on learning guitar because they try to teach themselves without proper professional guidance. It is this sets up a distinctive path for them to follow.

If you are alone, it might be very hard to know where to start. That’s why I’m here to show you how to start learning acoustic guitar.

Get Your Guitar

First things first. You need your guitar if the learning process is to be more bearable than how it would if you had no guitar of your own. You can use any other guitar, but yours gives you the courage and confidence because you have it with you always, and you can access it anytime.

I remember how much I struggled to understand things before I got my first guitar. I always had music in my head, and I wanted to learn guitar so bad, I knew I had to get one of my own.

Of course, my father couldn’t afford a good guitar at the time, but he sacrificed other things to buy me one because he admired the zeal I had for music. When I got that guitar, it helped me lay a strong foundation as a guitarist.

Understand Your Guitar

Before anything else, first, understand the instrument that you want to take seriously, and that might just be part of the rest of your life. By first understanding it, it makes the rest of the learning process easier. Before you read any lessons, you should first learn all the jargon and the names of all the guitar parts.

The lesson will talk about parts such as frets, pickups, bridges, machine-heads, necks, nuts, sound holes, and much more. If you are not well conversant with all these parts, learning might not be that easy for you. For the sake of enjoying the learning process and understanding other learning activities well, you just have to understand your guitar well enough.

You can use Google to find resources with comprehensive lists and explanations of the names of all guitar parts. It’s after you are comfortable with all these part names that lessons will make better sense to you.

Learn How to Read Tabs

Whether you learn from instructors, or from the web, the next thing you should know is how to read tabs or tablature. Tabs provide the most basic way for guitarists to write out music. There are other was to write music, but the tab is a more painless way for a beginner to get started.

Besides, it is a system that’s very simple; it won’t require much from you.You can simply learn it straight away. You just need to find a good lesson or teacher to help you learn how to read tabs. You can search for lessons on Google to help you understand better.

Learn One Note at a Time

Makes sure you get your priorities right. Before you even learn chords or anything else, concentrate on making sure that you can play a note properly. Most people may think this is obvious, but don’t let yourself fall into this category of people.

Most people get excited to the extent that they skip it because it sounds so easy. Taking shortcuts is the number one enemy of beginners. It’s better if you take the long road and understand guitar comprehensively.

When you start skipping the basics, you are prone to making it a habit. When you have become a musician, you realize that better musicians are those who learned guitar inclusively. Get lessons on proper fretting techniques and or how to fret notes.

Finger Training

Beginners must work on their finger movements. Finger exercising has a great part to play in learning for beginners. Most beginners complain of finger pains because their fingers haven’t gotten used to the constant guitar playing. Good news is that this pain fades away with time.

Whether you experience pain in your fingertips or pain in your hands, the point is, you will experience some pain as a beginner. When you experience pain, you should understand that it’s because you are using your hands in completely new ways and engaging muscles that haven’t been in so much use before. These muscles might even be new in that they haven’t been developed before.

That is why they get tired so easily. You need to strengthen them up. And how do you do that? You need serious finger exercises. If you are already an experienced guitarist, you know what I mean. Just like athlete warm up before a game, you also need to warm up your hands.

Ignite Passion

If you want to understand guitar well enough, you must have developed interest first. Being passionate about what you do gives you the drive to achieve it. Once you have the desire to learn guitar, everything else slowly falls into place.

Learning becomes easier when you have a passion for the thing you are learning. There are various ways to start learning acoustic guitar, but ill all depends on how you want to learn. You can use the internet, or you can decide to enroll for guitar classes. All of these methods are effective, even though some are more effective than others.

Final Verdict

Learning acoustic guitar is different from learning electric guitar in many ways. It is the best place to begin as a guitarist, though you can also begin with the electric guitar if you have an interest in it.

If you want to know the best way to learn acoustic guitar, follow the steps mentioned above to the latter. Every step has its importance in making a beginner become a talented guitarist. It will help you escape giving up, which is very common.

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