Top 5 Best Acoustic Bass Guitar Review

Acoustic bass guitars ooze the warm, rich and charming tone. They are a great choice when you want that throw in a little bit of accolade to the genres of music that will leave you wanting more. They are incredible instruments.

I love doing rock, country music, and bluegrass. But every time an acoustic guitar chips in, you can always feel the silence of music broken altogether, by that thrill that energizes those who listen to music, keenly.

But also, one aspect that I love about acoustic bass guitars in the clarity of the tone they bring into the silence. Their impressive output and ultimately what they leave to the hearts of the new lovers of music and the longtime enthusiasts.

So what exactly does an acoustic bass guitar throw into your music world?

Well, whether you are into practicing or very new into playing the guitar, one thing for sure, any of these brands will reignite your thoughts about music, in a more passionate way.

Top 5 Acoustic Bass Guitar Review

Like I just mentioned, there are several Best Acoustic Bass Guitar that will offer an amazing user experience. The Acoustic Bass Guitar I have listed below offer superior performance, top-notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and abilities.

If you are a beginner, this is the guitar for you. Play your favorite genres from rock, jazz, country music to the house music with a guitar that complements those high notes of the tone.

Find it much easier and still achieve the right balance, you want to perfectly throw into the music.

The Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar Black Solid Wood brings you an experience like no other. It is made of a quality mahogany on its sides and back.

The fingerboard is rosewood too. It comes with 22 frets and one super slim, comfortable neck that you will find it comfortable to adjust, especially its truss rod. This is one bass 4-band equalizer that will strike that right balance of the tone when you most need it.

I find the finishing superbly high gloss, while the inlay is incredibly beautiful. You want an acoustic guitar that will leave a stunning memory among your fellow lithers after that fine-tune.


  • It is made of mahogany on its back and sides for durability, quality resonance and projection.
  • Has a beautiful finish and elegant inlay
  • Great accomplishment for upper notes and newbies into the guitar industry.
  • It is a die cast with 22 frets


  • You will not have the pick and cord included
  • The binding isn't that greatly done

One interesting aspect of this guitar is that it is not as expensive, but it will achieve you the quality of sound you need. I love the natural high gloss finish of this acoustic guitar.

It has a rosewood fingerboard and one fine mahogany back construction, including its sides. You will also find it very easier if you are a learner of guitars to go about your new styles of play and techniques.

Go to play your gospel, rock, jazz and many other genres you like, while achieving the upper notes and tunes with this guitar and more so, You could enjoy all this with your car speaker and amp as well. This is one absolute benchmark to those who want to close in on the right instrument for the preferred music style.


  • It comes with an attractive inlay construction
  • The body is made of mahogany on its back and sides for the perfect toning
  • The neck is one super slim design for more comfort when playing
  • Has an adjustable truss rod


  • It doesn't come with an included pick up and amp cord

If you want that deep more accomplished tone, the Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar is just the right one for you.

It features one easy to play with a neck on a 34-inch scale. You don't want a guitar that you will struggle going about your moves as you get carried away by the tune.

One aspect that thrills me most is that you can play it with or without an amp. It comes with onboard electronics for that right set up while energizing your crowd. That's one moment you don't want any letdown.

I find the guitar one incredible piece of sound that you will enjoy identifying the right mix up for the perfect tone and note. On top of this, it also has a spruce top and a peizo pickup system.


  • Easy to play even for beginners
  • Has a quality body construction made of mahogany
  • It is an affordable piece
  • The inlays are great pearl dot


  • You will have to buy the protection case separately

It doesn't matter whether it is amplified or not, the Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar will still give you the right tone, thanks to its agathis body craft.

For the fast tuning and easier amplification to match up to your expectations, you can count on the guitars onboard tuner. 

This is also complimented by its 2-band equalizer to produce that fine natural acoustic sound.

With this guitar expect to accomplish a lively composure with low-end resonance making the songs and tunes livelier. Incredibly, it can bring out the required volume, courtesy of its pickup and preamp.


  • It comes with a 2-band preamp and an onboard tuner.
  • It is made of a rosewood bridge and freeboard
  • It complements the notes with its die-cast tuners
  • The back and sides of the body is made of a great mahogany body


  • You will have to buy the protection case separately.

My last incredible piece is the Dean Acoustic-Electric Bass Cutaway 5 String Satin Finish.

You will get interested in checking out the mahogany body construction of this amazing acoustic guitar. This one great choice of tonewoods you can rely on.

Mahogany is versatile and finely accomplishes your trace perfectly. This means you will still achieve your sound at the very best conceptualization of this guitar. Expect bass and treble notes emphasized for a finer climax.

The finishing is fantastic too. Thanks to its heightened celluloid rosette and body binding. To crown the whole craft of the body, its die-cast tuners fine-tune the sound, especially when plugged in for a complete rock out.


  • Produces best deeper, fuller tone than bass
  • Great for eve beginners
  • It is affordable for still a great performance
  • Has chrome die-cast tuners


  • It doesn't come with its case
  • Case sold separately.

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

Finding a good instrument could a hard task but shouldn't necessarily be such a huddle. But take a keen and quick look at what you need to take into account, before settling for that acoustic bass guitar.

What Do You Need?

Get to know what you want the guitar to bring in or what it needs to contribute to your music. Spare some time for some thorough check; this will be worth the costs of replacements it will save you in the long run, anyway.

Your bass requirements should be able to match to the available brands. In the process, you will gain some familiarity with the specs and features of samples of acoustic bass guitars to start with.

Let your gut and emotional or psychological feeling for the right complement to the music you love, come first. Don't forget too to test them out. Never allow cost to get in between the best acoustic bass guitar you need.


Pass your hand on the neck, have the feel on how it gets along with your hand. Establish whether your fingerboard is too narrow or too wide. Obviously, when you hold your acoustic bass guitar, the feel has it all regardless of the experience you have with guitars. It should be comfortable.

The neck shouldn't be too heavy but be playable without going through fatigue very easily. The body shape if it can fit well in your lap if you consider doing some more practice, the better. Check on the deep cuts as you try out playing it out.

This could help you check out those unneeded buzzing of the open strings due to poor assembling. Remember, this could be associated too with your guitar's poor fret wood and neck.

Tonewood Of Guitar

Are you a luthier who is quite sensitive when it comes to the guitars wood? Then you understand they contribute to the tone you want to achieve. Check out on the design, craftsmanship of the wood and its quality. The ash and alder tend to provide a balanced tone, especially for those harmonic overtones.

Mahogany basses sound warm, providing you with average density and low resonance. Check o also other tonewoods like Agathis, basswood, maple and among others.

Fretboard Layout

The Fretted neck comes with steel frets dividing the chromatic scale halfway for the much better location of the right notes. Fretless bass doesn't have steel frets but a smooth wood like that of the violin. You will find them great in producing a smooth and warm sound. So check on your level of practice and style to compliment the right fretboard you are going for.


Passive pickups will energize you with a versatile sound and maintain a full tone. I have my reservations though on the kind of control you can equally achieve the tone you need with this kind of pick up.

Active pickups produce quite some bass with more clarity and percussiveness. They might as well come with an additional built-in battery powered preamp for high output, compared to passive pickups. The battery is rechargeable.

Other Factors To Consider

  • Body style
  • Scale length
  • Intonation for the right notes
  • Fingerboard for that fretless sound
  • Number of frets
  • Bass string material

How to Clean Acoustic Guitar?

The first step of a clean acoustic guitar is removing all the strings. Then you can use a polishing cloth. Ultrasonic technology works excellent in terms of cleaning acoustic guitar.

Whatever you like to use, the first things you need to clean all the dust off the guitar. At first, you should wipe-out all the strings with a natural cleaning solution and a soft cloth. If you have an ultrasonic device, we suggest using that.

Why Do We Recommend Ultrasonic Device?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is the safest method. It doesn’t have a harmful effect. That’s why it is using in the music instrument cleaning industry.

One of the examples of the great use of ultrasonic technology in the music industry is vinyl record cleaning. Vinyl recorders are most sensitive too. But the most popular cleaning item of the vinyl recorder is an ultrasonic device. You can check what the Best Vinyl Record Cleaner here is. So, use an ultrasonic device without any hesitation.

Final Words

Ensure you get a case and the right one to protect your guitar. In the long run, you will avoid unnecessary physical damage to its body. This will retain its great performance and cut down on replacement costs.

Check exactly what you need, and invest regardless of price, in a piece that will compliment your quest. You can consider any of this Best Acoustic Bass Guitars, for reliable results.

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