Top 5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300

If you are looking for the best acoustic-electric guitar under $300, you will get a lot more than you think. Finding the best quality guitar as a beginner can be a bit confusing.

Many companies can cut corners and produce low-quality guitars. For example, they use low-quality wood that doesn't produce good sound at all. It can be problematic for any beginner, especially if you do not do any research on it.

In this article, we will look at five guitars that will give you value for your money and drive you to your many admirers.

Review of Top 5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $300

Acoustic-electric guitars have become increasingly popular over the decades. You are interested in buying this kind of guitar. But you do not have a high budget for buying a guitar. So here we are going to discuss the top five best acoustic-electric guitars under $300.

1. Yamaha FGX800C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a guitar that sounds like a big bass jumbo and precise sound quality, the Yamaha FGX800C acoustic-electric guitar is one of the best guitars for beginners.

The features are the solid spruce top and nato back and sides that permit to produce high-quality sounds.

The guitar is designed with the newly developed scalloped bracing. It provides outstanding performance and great playability. The rich sound improves midpoint frequencies while managing top-edge precision, making it good for streaming.

The benefit of this guitar is that it comes with a system 66 features an under-saddle piezo with a 3 band EQ. It also comes with an adjustable mid-range frequency control and chromatic tuner.


  • ​Clear sound and rich, warm tones
  • ​It has a solid wood top and good feel
  • ​It has an adjustable truss rod
  • ​Traditional western design


  • ​Its action is a little high

2. Yamaha APX500III Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This guitar is a thinline cutaway model that features a spruce top and nato back and sides. This nato and spruce made the guitar tone durability and produced rich sound.

This guitar is designed for full and natural tone by using non-scalloped X-type bracing that maximizes body resonance.

The features that the rosewood headstock and bridge along with die-cast tuning machines. The guitar features have it includes a system 66 preamp.

The advantage is that it comes with an under-saddle piezo pickup with 3-band equalizer, adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner.


  • ​Good quality tone wood
  • ​Made with solid construction for strength and durability
  • ​Great for both beginners and professionals
  • ​It has a system 66 preamp


  • ​The package does not come with any case or bag
  • ​High string action

3. Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Ibanez AW54CEOPN is a guitar with a gorgeous body that is designed with a dreadnought shape. The body is made with solid mahogany construction and it have produce strong projection and warm tone.

One of the features is that it comes with the Fishman pickup system. With this pickup system and preamp you can play with bass and also use volume controls to adjust the sound.

The headstock has six chrome die-cast Grover tuners and a bone nut and saddle on the rosewood bridge. The advantage of this guitar is that it comes with D’Addario EXP strings. Playing the Ibanez AW54EC through an amp with the pickup system is a great experience.


  • ​Beautiful and unique with a satin finish
  • ​Perfect to use for beginners
  • ​Warm and dark tones with natural projection
  • ​Impressive vintage appeal with mahogany and rosewood fretboard


  • ​Limited controls on the amp

​4. Kona K2TBL Acoustic-Electric Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar

Kona K2TBL acoustic-electric guitar is one of the classical guitars under $300. This guitar features a transparent blue finish at the back and sides and a mahogany top.

This guitar is the perfect crossover instrument for electric guitarists looking for a true shabby sound.

​It also has a four-ply binding on the body and single-ply binding on the neck and headstock. It is 41 inches long and a three-inch thick body.​

The benefit of this guitar is that it comes with a cutaway body and features a 25.75 inches scale and 20 frets. It had D'Addario strings and enclosed gold die-cast tuners. The main advantage that it comes with two pickguards, neck wrench, and polishing cloth.


  • ​It designed with a transparent blue finish
  • ​It has enclosed gold die-cast tuners.
  • ​It comes with a low Profile dreadnaught size and a cutaway body


  • ​It is heavy
  • ​The saddle appears to be plastic

5. New 30" Kids Black Electric Guitar

This beautiful electric guitar for kids is perfect for beginners. It does not require any tuning or assembly as it is ready for use out of the box.

 It is made of wood all through, featuring steel strings and attractive smooth finish. It features a 5-watt amp, shoulder strap for a wire cord comfortable, replacement string, and picks.

It comes with nice nylon carrying case that is just perfect for traveling and easy storage.

It's small in size, making it very easy and comfortable to use by kids. It boasts a very smooth finish and has an attractive black color.


  • ​Ideal for a beginner and kids
  • ​It is made of wood, features steels strings
  • ​It has an attractive smooth finish
  • ​It comes with a nylon carrying case for traveling and easy storage


  • ​Its intonation is not okay
  • ​Little E produces a buzzing sound

How to Choose the Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar Under 300

For a beginner, choosing the best acoustic-electric guitar under 300 is not an easy task. You need to know some factors before choosing the guitar. Here we are going to discuss the factors that you must consider to get the best acoustic guitar.

Purpose and Budget

First of all, determine the purpose of using the guitar according to your level of skill. If you are a beginner, do not choose the expensive one.

If the purpose of using a guitar is to play the guitar on stage, you should choose an acoustic-electric guitar.

Construction and Design

Understand the basics of how acoustic guitar is made and designed. It allows you to see and hear the differences that will help you choose the best guitar for your needs.

You need to know the purpose and construction of your neck, body, and acoustic-electronic guitar systems to choose the best guitar.

Styles and Sound

Acoustic guitars share almost the same basic design and construction elements, but some differences affect their playability and sound. Therefore, you need to consider the variables that affect how each guitar is perceived and played. These variables are discussed below.

  • Body style – ​You need to find out the comfortability of the guitar when you handle it. Also, determine the shape of the body. It will affect sound and playability. Keep in mind that a large body will produce a more profound and louder sound.
  • Tops – ​The top of the guitar has a great effect on the tone quality of the guitar. The bridge to the top transmits sound where it is amplified. Therefore look for the type of wood used to construct the upper part because it affects the tone of the guitar..
  • Neck width and length-The thickness of the neck and duration will not change the sound but will affect your comfort. Larger ones will be uncomfortable, therefore choose the size you are comfortable.
  • Nylon vs. steel strings-Consider what type of music you want to play. Nylon strings produce softer mellower sounds. Therefore, it is suitable for playing classical and flamenco-style folk music. Steel-string acoustic guitars produce louder and brighter sounds, and you can rock country and pop music.​

Understanding your options in these four categories will help you make the best decision as you purchase an acoustic guitar.

Final Words

Acoustic-electric guitars under $300 come in different shapes and sizes and will leave a novice confused. Many companies mislead by claiming their products to be the best just to sell.

The ability to identify the best acoustic guitar will depend on your budget and purpose, the construction and design of the guitar, and how the sound is produced.

However, these five guitars will give you your best learning experience. Prices will not be tight in your pocket, and they are also durable.

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