Ukulele vs Acoustic guitar-Which One Is Easier for Beginners?

After watching TV and real-life musicians playing their musical instruments, someone decides to embark on a musical journey. You want to be like one of those people who can play either a guitar or a ukulele but don’t know which one is easier to learn.

In this article, we’re trying to give you a guideline that will help you decide which musical instruments between ukulele and acoustic guitar are easier for you.

Let’s start by talking about the difference between ukulele and acoustic guitar.

Difference Between Ukulele and Acoustic Guitar

The main difference is acoustic guitar is more prominent than ukulele. There are also some other differences between them.


Usually, a ukulele is smaller than a guitar. For the size differences, it affects its tone and volume. The ukulele is almost half of a guitar, and it is more suitable for small-handed people.

Number of Strings

Most guitars have six strings while ukuleles have four. The low number of strings means you can easily manage and learn a guitar. On this matter, the ukulele has lesser strings, and it will help you to learn quickly.

String Type and Tension

Ukulele strings are made out of nylon or any other flexible materials. Guitar strings are made out of metal and have a higher tension than the ukulele.

Guitars have tight strings that feel stretchier on fingers. Ukuleles strings are soft from guitar strings. So you can get more comfortable, and beginners prefer it. The softness of the ukelele strings gives warm and delicate tones.

When it comes to string tension, the ukulele has a tension of about 7-13 pounds per string. The guitars have a tension of 24-35 pounds per string.

Sound Differences

The acoustic guitar gives you a wide variety of sound tones ranging from very low to ear-shattering pitches. The guitar can reach lower tones than the ukulele but can also be used to play loud music.

Ukulele is known for the cool and tune of comfort that soothes you. It has a smaller range than the guitar. Depending on the size you buy, the range and tone of the ukuleles may differ, but they may not reach the lower tone.

Scale Length

Since the ukuleles are smaller, and their frets are closer together. On the other hand, the guitar has frets that are far apart. It means that you will have to stretch your hands when playing, which can be hard for people with smaller hands.

The scale length also affects the tension of the guitar. Shorter scales mean a lower string tension as ukuleles, while longer scales in guitars bring higher tensions.


Generally, ukuleles are cheaper than guitars. If you’re looking for a cheap guitar, then the ukulele is best for you.

Best Ukulele Buying Guide for Beginners

When buying ukulele, it is tough to decide which ukulele is best for you. Here, we are going to give you guidelines for buying the best ukulele.


Ukuleles come in four main sizes. Sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. The soprano is the smallest and is played and tuned like a concert and tenor. Once you learn how to play it, you know how to play others.

If you are a beginner, it might be easier for you to start with the soprano or concert. These two types offer a more vibrant tone and easy playability.


For a better sounding ukulele, you should buy one made of solid woods. If you are looking for a more affordable ukulele, you might want to consider one made from plywood.

Some ukulele are made of both solid woods and plywood. It is affordable and produces good sound quality.


It is better to buy ukuleles from trusted brands like the Mahalo, Kala, Lani, and Ebony series. They offer affordable and high-quality ukuleles.

There are also some small companies offer hand-made ukulele. Hand-made ukulele louder and more responsive. So you can buy from there.


It is obvious that you do not want to spend too much on buying ukulele in the beginning. But make sure you find the highest quality ukulele in your price range.


It is much easier for a stranger to teach ukulele before graduating to acoustic guitar. When it comes to your mind, “Which One Is Easier for Beginners Between Ukulele and Acoustic guitar”. The answer to the question is ukulele is small in size and has fewer strings so it can be easier to learn and perfect for beginners.

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